Global Giving, Sharing Smiles: GiveIndia Covid Response Fund

Global Giving, Sharing Smiles: GiveIndia Covid Response Fund

May 21, 2021

In the 25 years since we started traveling to India, we have fallen in love with the colors, the culture, but most of all, the people. In the midst of the COVID crisis, our resilient friends in India need help more than ever. GiveIndia has launched its “India Covid Response Fund” to help support humanitarian relief in the nation and to provide small NGO’s in rural, impoverished, and underrepresented areas of the country access to lifesaving donations.

Mexicali Blues will be matching up to $10,000 of your donations that will be allocated to a variety of GiveIndia supported COVID relief programs throughout the nation. For your three-dollar donation, you will receive a recycled silk sari giftbag that once led another life as a Sari in India, and can now be used to help support the beautiful culture and wonderful people that gave life to it.

GiveIndia started at the birth of the 21st century as a donation platform that prides itself on aiding, supporting, researching, and vetting NGO’s across India with the core goal of providing the framework for equal opportunity and equal access for all Indians. In the words of their founder, Venkat Krishnan:

The idea of GiveIndia was born very simply to bridge the gap between two sets of people - people who want to give, who want to try and make a difference along with those who are doing phenomenal work but don’t know how to reach out to the people who want to support them.

Now more than ever the individuals who are doing life-saving work need our support to provide equal access to oxygen, medical supplies, shelter, food, and water to those who need it most. Thank you for joining us in supporting and celebrating the resiliency of India and its incredible people. Learn more about GiveIndia's India Covid Response Fund.

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