Nov 20, 2019

While traveling through Northern Thailand in 2002, two women, Jane McBride and Patricia Zinkowski, discovered fifteen girls living in an abandoned school in the village of Doi Luang. The girls had little adult supervision and were trying to survive as best they could in an area known for human trafficking agents. Pattie visited us at Mexicali Blues recently to share the whole story of how this chance meeting led to the creation of Friends of Thai Daughters: an awesome organization dedicated to protecting girls who were trafficked or who, due to poverty or social status, are most vulnerable to trafficking, by offering them a safe living environment and an education.

These girls come from the hill tribes of Northern Thailand and are typically ages 8 to 23, without documentation or citizenship, orphaned, and/or victims of abuse. The shelter, support, and skills they receive from Friends of Thai Daughters can completely transform their lives.

These girls and young women live happily and healthily in a bright, cheerful safe house called “The Sunflower House.” Visiting the Sunflower House and seeing these wonderful young ladies grow and flourish over the years is one of the things we most love to do when we visit Thailand! Not only are we grateful to know these incredibly vibrant young people, but we are honored to continue to support their well-being.

In fact, if you have ever shopped at Mexicali Blues, YOU have contributed to creating a safe and healthy environment for these and other young girls in Thailand who would otherwise be at high risk for human trafficking. With 1% of all purchases going back to programs like Friends of Thai Daughters, your contribution is essential to our philanthropic endeavors. . . so, THANK YOU! (Learn about other organizations we support here)

At Mexicali we strongly believe that we all need to be aware how our choices as consumers can contribute to a shameful world problem and use our purchasing power—and philanthropy—to prevent it!

You can learn more about Friends of Thai Daughters and their fight against human trafficking in Thailand on their website  and on their Facebook page

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