Crystals and Gemstones for Love, Manifestation, & Romance

GEMSTONES FOR LOVE: Crystals That Support & Attract Romance ❤️

Feb 3, 2022

Gemstone Meaning & Crystal Magic for Love

Crystals and gemstones have different energies that can be used to enhance your own energetic vibrations, and some are uniquely suited to supporting feelings of love & romance. Whether you are using them to manifest love, to identify and attract a partner, or just as energetic emotional support as you navigate the rivers of romance, crystals can lend you a hand in the land of love. Move over Romeo, here are a few of our favorite gemstones for the starry eyed romantic in all of us:


Amber - Stone of Ancient Energy

Considered a good luck charm for love and marriage, this stone is both energizing and calming at the same time, two yins and yangs of balance in the land of love. It is said to help in attracting and manifesting positive desires and to bring energies of patience, protection, sensuality, healing, and balance to those who wear or carry it. Amber was once produced in the heartwood of a tree, which makes it the perfect good luck talisman in areas of the heart. It fossilized and withstood the tests of time, and this golden fossil is to help bring about lasting love to those that wear it.


Garnet - Stone of Commitment

Garnet inspires love, passion, devotion, trust, and balances the sex drive. The red color symbolizes strong love, and as well as the overwhelming energy of desire. Considered a lucky stone for love, it helps you let go of past patterns of behavior and enhances self-confidence, and this crystal can help introduce honesty to a relationship.


Lapis Lazuli - The Wisdom Keeper 

Lapis Lazuli promotes and protects interpersonal harmony in relationships, and helps to keep the head and heart in balance. Known as a protector of interpersonal relationships, this stone can help to heal broken hearts or injured bonds. It can support being more comfortable and honest with your feelings, and enhance loving communication. It facilitates self-knowledge and self-expression, as well as inner peace. Ancient folklore says that if you give lapis lazuli as a gift, you are forging an eternal bond of friendship, loyalty, and trust between the two of you.


Moonstone - Stone For New Beginnings

Moonstone is known to bring luck in love, and has been a common wedding gift throughout history for that reason. Moonstone symbolizes love, fertility, abundance, renewal, and supports new beginnings. It is considered useful in reconciling estranged lovers, and Indian and European folklore both purported that two people wearing moonstone on a full moon would fall passionately in love! Why don't you find out if it's true next full moon?


Opal - The Seductive Stone

Throughout history opal has been thought to bring bad luck and misfortune, but we find that it attracts love, passion, and desire. Opal intensifies openness and romance, encouraging you to let go of your inhibitions and try new things with your partner. It also aids the wearer in communication and encourages fidelity in love. This powerful gemstone both intensifies emotional energy, and acts as an emotional stabilizer, and can help the wearer navigate through the trials and triumphs of love.


Moss Agate - The Gardeners Stone

Moss Agate attracts abundance in all forms, especially in relation to motherhood and mother Earth. This healing crystal can sooth anxiety, promote healthy healing and inspire self love. Moss agate is associated with the heart chakra and is thought to help clear any blockages affecting the heart. This is an emotionally balancing stone that can help bring peace and tranquility to relationships. Plant the seed of love and nurture it with this stone to help it grow. 


Rhodochrosite - The Stone of the Compassionate Heart

Rhodochrosite encourages selfless love, emotional healing, and calling new love into one's life. It enhances romantic love through encouraging feelings of self-love and compassion, which ultimately overflow from the happily full heart and pour outward.


Rose Quartz - The Unconditional Love Stone

A stone that relates strongly and directly to the heart chakra, rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It has a very soft feminine energy of compassion, tenderness, and sensuality. It opens the heart chakra and encourages a peaceful flow of self-love, romantic love, and platonic love. If you want to increase the energy of loving and being loved in your life, rose quartz is THE ultimate gemstone to attract and support love 💕 


Pink Tourmaline - The Virtue of Love Stone

Rose tourmaline enhances compassion, attracts new energy, helps you face your fears, and encourages smooth transitions. This is a powerful stone for emotional healing and is the perfect crystal to heal a broken heart or to help overcome emotional trauma. This magical gemstone links the heart and crown chakras, mixing love and spirituality in a magical brew.


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two women holding hands and meditating with arm tattoos covered in magical gemstone jewelry over a colorful backdrop

Which gemstones do you use for love? Let us know in the comments below! 

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