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Jun 30, 2020

Gemstone Meaning & Crystal Magic: Rainbow Moonstone


White Labradorite is the alternative name for this shimmering beauty which flashes a spectrum of colors as light passes through it. The token hue of blue and multi-colored flakes is what makes this stone stand apart from other moonstones. We love this gemstone for so many reasons but it’s metaphysical properties have a huge impact on our affection for it. It is known as a visionary’s stone and helps the wearer to see challenges in their life more clearly. 

Artists are particularly fond of it for its influence on creativity and compassion. It supports one’s endurance and confidence in the areas that we would otherwise lack. While enhancing our insecurities, it can also keep us in check and bring balance to our lives and deter us from behaving rashly or without empathy. 

Rainbow moonstone was especially popular within the Art Nouveau period of the 20th century, whether it appeared in Romantic paintings or jewelry designs. One of the most well known jewelers of this time was Rene Lalique, who specialized in organic designs featuring moonstones. While his designs now rest in many museums, designers all over the world are finding it is a desirable material to work with. 

The history of rainbow moonstone goes back much further than this though. It was once thought to subdue the symptoms of epilepsy in Medieval times and India’s history is rich with beliefs surrounding the stone. It is thought that two people who are both wearing moonstones on the night of a full moon would be more inclined to falling in love with each other. 

But perhaps our favorite aspect of this stone is it’s long history being known as a “Traveler’s Stone.” It is said to protect those who wander should they wear it as an amulet, especially when worn at night in the light of a glowing moon. We tend to keep it close by on our travels and have had great luck, though that might be due to the friends we’ve made along the way. 

Rainbow Moonstone is a sensitive gem and can be easily damaged by chemicals so we warn you not to use hot water or other cleaners to maintain the shine of this semi-precious stone. Soap and water will do the trick. 


Rainbow Moonstone crystal magic and gemstone meaning card - The stone of love and fertility

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