Jan 2, 2019

Throughout history, opal has been revered for its beauty and regarded as a stone of good fortune. The early Greeks thought that opals gave their owners the powers of foresight and prophecy, Romans often carried opals as talismans or good luck charms, and Asian cultures considered opal to be the child of lightning and a symbol of hopefulness. It was said in other societies that these beautiful stones possessed the same sort of energy as a rainbow in the sky, and many people from many cultures believed that opal had magical powers. Legend has it that the Roman Senator Nonius chose to be exiled rather than sell his valuable opal to Marc Antony, who wanted to give it to his famous lover Cleopatra.

 As this mystical stone reflects light, it also shines on thoughts, feelings, and buried emotions, bringing them to the surface to be examined and transformed. A wonderful stone for journeying inward, wearing or holding an opal while meditating can guide you to find aspects of yourself that you may have thought you lost. Bright sparks of color often reveal themselves in opal stones, and these bring magic that assists the bearer in connecting with powerful flashes of goodness, inspiration, and drive that are within.

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