Jan 19, 2021

Gemstone Meaning & Crystal Magic: Crystal Healing


Crystals have been getting a lot of attention and hype recently and we know there are a lot of skeptics out there. On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes people put too much trust into their precious gems. It’s important to remember that while crystals carry their own energy, at the end of the day they are tools to help you connect to your own power. Yes, they are precious and come from our collective mother earth. However they (probably) won’t make all of your problems magically disappear, but they can definitely help amplify the power within yourself to find the resolution or peace that you’re searching for. 

How do I choose my crystal?



Once you identify what kind energy you want to bring into your life, or what you need a little extra support with, then you can begin the search for your ideal–not necessarily perfect–crystal. We love to use a pendulum to make this choice and to help guide some of our decisions when it becomes too difficult to make a decision on our own. Pendulums are crystal tokens of a certain density that are attached at the end of a fine chain. To use them, simply hold the pendulum by the end of the chain and ask the pendulum to “show you the answer for yes”. Study the direction it is moving, sometimes it is a simple back and forth movement, other times it may reflect a circle pattern. Once you have the movement for yes, ask it to “show its answer for no”. It will change from use to use, so touch base every time you want to use your pendulum in this way. If you’re having trouble coming to a decision or looking for answers then they can be great tools to invest in. 



If Pendulums aren’t your thing, then we highly recommend going by how it feels in your hand and trying to connect with the energy of the crystal before you bring it home. 


Raw Crystals vs. Polished Gemstones

Some individuals are more sensitive to the energies of crystals and gemstones than others. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, and if you have a difficult time feeling the energy of crystals it by no means implies that you are bad at it. If you do find that it is more difficult to connect to the energy of your stones, then perhaps try meditating with rough or raw crystals. They are said to have a more intense and powerful vibration. It is not always necessary for this kind of powerboost in every crystal ritual, but in certain circumstances we have experienced their benefits. 

When should I use my crystals?

Any time you please! We are fans of daily crystal use and wear. It’s no secret that we love to be on the move (usually) so most of our gemstone and crystal energy comes from our jewelry. When in the form of necklaces and rings, we can take along our precious crystals without fear of it slipping out of our pocket and finding a new home. Plus this gives us the opportunity to absorb and direct the stones energy through all day wear rather than individual healing sessions. Crystal healing can also be beneficial when we’re feeling lost and in search of guidance. Even if all is well in your life, you can use your crystals to say thank you and put the overflowing gratuitous energy back into the universe for others to absorb. 

Like everything, from time to time it is necessary to recharge and evaluate what a crystal is doing for you. Moonbaths can be a great way to cleanse the energy which your stones absorb. It is good to cleanse your crystals often, ideally with the emergence of each full moon. As an extra precaution, be sure to check in on the care of any of your crystals and gemstones before beginning this ritual. 

Each type of crystal has a different property and can help in different areas of your life. Just because one stone is said to have an effect on a singular aspect of your life, does not necessarily mean that it won't help in other ways. Crystal healing and understanding the energy of the stones you keep around you is a very personal and intuitive journey. What may work for some, is not always the way for others.

How can I use my crystals?

Crystal healing is a unique experience to the individual. It’s important to first determine why you’re sitting down to heal and what kind of energy you’re reaching out into the universe for. Before jumping into any kind of ritual, we think it’s important to center yourself in meditation and reflect on what your body is feeling before altering the space with powerful energies. Once you feel you are ready, you can begin these techniques with cleansed crystals:

When your mind is focused, it is important to set your intention for this process. If this is done with pure intentions and a true desire for guidance, your crystals can help you find the power to make huge changes in your life. Holding your gemstones in your hands and concentrating on your connection to the energy within, try to visualize the energy that is being transferred and absorbed. Picture this within your mind and focus deeply on how you feel and what your goals are. Do this so that every time you are near this gemstone you think of the intention you set with it and watch as the energies within your life begin to shift.

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