carnelian gemstone jewelry meaning


Sep 25, 2018
Carnelian is a high-energy stone of motivation, endurance, courage, and leadership. It was worn around the necks of ancient warriors to bring them courage and physical power in battle. Ancient Egyptians regarded carnelian as a sunset trapped in a stone and called it “the setting sun”. Carnelian is an energizing and stabilizing stone, assisting the bearer in reckoning with the reality of situations and giving them the clarity to address difficulties without panicking. It steadies the mind and brings physical energy and vitality to support accomplishing whatever you need to. This stone is said to clarify the voice, and it is believed to to help timid speakers or singers become more eloquent and bold. It’s a powerful stone to have in your possession if you’re performing in any way, as it enhances confidence and creativity. It helps the bearer with concentration, and is known as a particularly good stone to support focus in meditation. It’s also known for attracting prosperity, resources, and good luck. All in all, Carnelian is a powerful and valuable stone to have in your crystal collection! 

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