Full Moon July 23rd: The Wheel of Dharma

Jul 22, 2021

This full moon in July holds extra importance in many parts of the world, as it marks the first day of Buddha’s teaching after achieving enlightenment under the boughs of the Bodhi Tree. "Asalha Puja" is a holiday celebrated by Buddhist practitioners who take part in celebrations, chants, and rituals that help renew their dedication and set the “wheel of Dharma” in motion. As we all know, the full moon is an auspicious time to set intentions, cleanse spaces, charge crystals, meditate, & dance or bask under the glow of the moon. We thought that this Dharma Day is as good a time as any to better understand Dharma’s role in your life.

Dharma refers to the “universal truth” as taught by the Buddha, but can also be understood as your inner wisdom, true calling, passion, morality, or sense of duty. Setting the wheel of Dharma in motion is the practice of recognizing your sense of self and calibrating the cardinal points of your personal compass. If Buddhism feels like a stretch, feel free to take Dharma out of its spiritual context and instead consider it as a mindfulness map or a north star by which to navigate the constellations of your life. 

Mindfulness and meditation practices can help you to better understand your Dharma, but your intuition and gut instinct are equally important in understanding which decisions will help take you on the correct cosmic path. Listen to yourself, and listen to the universe when it is trying to tell you something. In a paradoxical sense, if you keep your eyes and ears overly open, you might miss one of the more subtle forms of wisdom or inspiration that is trying to express itself to you, so don’t forget to slow down, BREATHE, and find your inner peace. Sew your seeds, water your garden, and cultivate your crop, but don’t forget to slow down and bask in the simple beauty of the process from time to time. 

Mala beads are an excellent addition to your mindful practice. The 108 beads, a sacred number in both Hinduism and Buddhism, are rhythmically counted during meditation, giving an added hands-on aspect to your practice that can help ground your body, focus your mind, and align your chakras. Drape the beads across your hands and use your middle finger and thumb to count them. With each bead take an inhalation, and on exhalation move onto the next bead and the next breath. At the end of 108 breaths you will have completed a cycle and you can continue this practice for as long as you like. While doing so, focus on clearing your mind and bringing balance into your body.

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This full moon, play your singing bowl, light a candle, stretch your body, count your mala beads, chant a mantra, meditate, dance, or howl at the moon, and whatever you choose to do, do so with a sense of purpose. May the moon reveal your inner wisdom, unearth your true calling, ignite your passions, and set the wheel of Dharma in motion .

Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta”


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