Four Warm Fuzzies You’ll Find in Every Mexicali Blues Fair Trade Fleece

Oct 5, 2016

Early Autumn mornings call for hot coffee and cool-weather clothes. Stock up on soft and snuggly staples at Mexicali Blues! Our Fair Trade Fleece from Nepal doesn’t just cuddle you in coziness—it helps to create a better world.

1. Wardrobe Wonders
Looking for flattering, figure-skimming tops, tunics, pants and maxi skirts this fall? At Mexicali Blues, you’ll find all the hottest fall fashions in our warm and cozy Nepalese Fair Trade Fleece. Rich jewel toned tie dye and elegant embroidery add layers of luxe (and warmth!) to all your autumn outfits.

2. Ever so Earth-Friendly
Our Nepalese Fair Trade Fleece is handcrafted from 100% recycled plastics. Super-soft and sustainable, these versatile fashions warm you up and push back on global warming and industrial pollution!

3. WFTO Fair Trade Certified in Nepal
That’s a big deal. We’ve worked with the same environmentally responsible and community-minded artisans in Nepal for years. We know how well they treat their workers and how sustainably they craft their goods. They were the first to be Fair Trade Certified in Nepal, and our ongoing support will help them complete the rigorous certification process for Fair Trade in the U.S. as well.

4. Saving
In southwestern Nepal, little girls are sometimes sold into slavery to wealthier families. Called ‘Kamlari,’ these girls are forced into heavy farm labor, menial housework and more at ages as young as nine. The Nepal Youth Foundation helps rescued Kamlari women find stable housing, schooling and economic opportunities, and our artisans are part of this effort. Over 70 of these women now handcraft our Nepalese Fair Trade Fleece—earning a living and building better lives.

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