Feng Shui for the Mexicali Minded

Feng Shui for the Mexicali Minded

Apr 13, 2020

We do not claim to be experts in this ancient practice. If you are looking for traditional methods of Feng Shui we highly recommend looking to the masters. However, if you're getting a little stir crazy and need some ideas to help revitalize your space we can help with that!

Feng Shui translates to "wind" and "water," respectfully. It goes without saying that in order to survive, the inhabitants of the Earth need access to both these elements. What many people have forgotten is we need to be in balance with all the elements at play to live harmoniously. In a world, with increased tension, stress and sickness we are in dire need of a massive reconnection to nature. That's where Feng Shui can help imbue natural serenity into all of our lives. 

 A good first step would be to decide what areas of your life to focus on. Take some quiet time, preferably in a clutter-free space to take into consideration your relationships, profession, health or anything else that you feel could use better energy. Looking at the Bagua Energy Map (above) you can see there are different areas that can be influenced by positive energy based on the placement of your belongings. 

Now we're not suggesting you should always have a fire burning in your south-facing room, but you could have a warm-toned rug to give it the right cozy and warming energy. This map can grow to fit your whole property or it can shrink just to fill one room of your home. Make sure pathways are clear in your home so good energy doesn't get caught up. Each element noted on the map is represented by specific colors and should be placed in the corresponding areas that reflect in your home.

A few of the most important aspects of Feng Shui are easy to implement in your home. The first priority should be your entranceway. To ensure having good chi in your home it is imperative to have a clean entryway, void of clutter and unnecessary items in order to invite good energy inside. Objects like outerwear, umbrellas and reusable shopping bags should all have a specific place in the home as they are carriers of the outside world energy or chi.

Commanding positions are another important principle to keep in mind before you start rearranging everything. There are three important pieces of furniture in any home; the desk, bed, and stove. Each of these objects has powerful ties to your chi and the corresponding attributes they are associated with. They should be placed to view the front door or North section marked on the Bagua Map to ensure positive energy can flow directly into these spaces. 

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