Feb 17, 2019

Winter is a wonderful time to reset and recharge, going inward and taking stock of our possessions, relationships, and habits. When we accept this as a time of slowness and introspection, it's easy to relate to and understand why animals hibernate! At the same time, we sometimes start feeling a little stir crazy in the midst of all that contemplation. Here are some ideas to combat Cabin Fever!


 Even if you don't live in a Winter Wonderland where you can snowball fight or ice skate, bundling up and enjoying nature still takes some effort in this colder season. We benefit even more, now, from getting a bit of sun on our faces and breathing in some fresh air.

IDEA: Take advantage of the lack of leaves and look for interesting bird nests in the trees!

Make time for friends!

Everything is more fun with a friend, and we adore using this time of year to have a friend over to share in indoor activities, making what could seem mundane into something magical! It's a great time to cook together, play a game, or work on a new craft project. There's something wonderful about sharing energy and conversation even if you are working on different things, so see if your friend has a project they want to do that they've been putting off and pull out one of yours.

IDEA: Mending clothing is something that so many of us intend to do but find it hard to get around to. Doing it in the company of a friend makes it way more enjoyable!

Embrace the indoors!

Cold weather outside makes us want to nest and get cozy, so embrace those hygge vibes! Read a book or do a puzzle by the fireplace, build a blanket fort, or create a fresh energy in your home with new lighting or by smoke cleansing with sage.

IDEA: Change the mood of your space by switching up the colors of the lightbulbs in your favorite lamps!

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