Apr 15, 2019

Earth Day is Monday 4/22, and we want to give you a heads up that we'll be celebrating in two cool ways that day:

  • Spend $30 in any of our locations, or ANY amount at, and receive a free reusable market bag. These canvas bags feature a laminated interior for easy cleaning, and we just LOVE them!
  • 10% of ALL Earth Day sales will be donated to the awesome organization Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a beautiful environmental endeavor started by two sisters in Bali who recognize the single-use plastic pollution crisis and rightly believe that kids can change the world!

Plastic bags are essentially indestructible, yet they're used and thrown away with reckless abandon. Most end up in the ocean, where they pollute the water and harm marine life; the rest are burned in garbage piles, where they release harmful dioxins into the atmosphere. Melati and Isabel Wijsen are on a mission to stop plastic bags from suffocating their beautiful island home of Bali. Their efforts — including petitions, beach cleanups, even a hunger strike — paid off when they convinced their governor to commit to a plastic bag-free Bali by 2018. "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you're too young or you won't understand," Isabel says to other aspiring activists. "We're not telling you it's going to be easy. We're telling you it's going to be worth it."

Check out what Bye Bye Plastic Bags is all about in the videos below, including a TED talk by the AWESOME sisters who started it!

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