DIY: Easy Scarf Storage Solutions

DIY: Easy Scarf Storage Solutions

Nov 8, 2012

Mexicali Blues has roughly one gazillion fabulously gorgeous scarves, which can be quite tempting for Mexicali ladies with boho style!  The easiest way to make any outfit infinitely more sophisticated and chic, not only are lightweight scarves fun and fashionable, at Mexicali they are also CRAZY affordable–between $9 and $20!  It is so easy for us to fall in love with more scarves than we have reasonable storage for, and the (above) pile-on-the-floor method just isn’t cutting it anymore, so we came up with a couple of cute and ultra-simple ways to store our scarves!

Coat hangers make excellent scarf storage, especially if you’re short on space!  You can knot them around the hanger for a neat look that stays in place, or just drape them through the hanger for easy access!

Create a mini clothesline of scarves!  With just some clothespins and a bit of hemp twine, we created this sweet storage that organizes your scarves AND displays them!  We like the mixed-up rainbow look we’ve got going on here, but you could also get creative with the wall decor aspect and organize them by color or pattern to suit your mood.  Many possibilities with this easy method!

Ceramic hooks add elegance to a room and make an excellent place for your scarves to hang!  Larger hooks will hold more scarves, but we were digging the look of petite hooks housing one scarf each.

Hopefully our ideas have inspired you to store your scarves just as prettily as you wear them!  Do you have any other crafty storage solutions?

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