December 21, 2012: Mayan Apocalypse or Energetic Transformation?

December 21, 2012: Mayan Apocalypse or Energetic Transformation?

Dec 20, 2012

27099Phish Mayan Calender Tee (Whatever happens, we’ll be well dressed!)

There are many theories about what will happen tomorrow, December 21, 2012.  Scholars studying the Mayan calender first began positing that this date would mark the abrupt end of the world, because 12/21/12 is the last date listed on this important 13th cycle or “baktun” of the calender.  Some who have studied this calender believe that it was created in correspondance with astrological predictions by the Mayans, and that the cause of its end may be something from beyond this world, either physically (outer space) or energetically (another dimension).  Most of the ideas which can be measured by science–like those regarding planetary alignment, reversal of the earth’s rotation, or collision with an asteroid–have been disputed by reputable sources like NASA.  However, you never know what will happen until it happens!  It could be just another Winter Solstice, or something crazy might go down.  Who knows!

Here are some of the far-out theories as to what tomorrow could bring:

  • The entire milky way (including the earth and the sun) will align at a point known as the galactic equator, causing the magnetic poles to shift and the earth’s rotation to stop.
  • Planet X will collide with Earth. In addition to destruction from the crash, some people believe a superior race of people called Anunnaki live on that planet, who came to Earth long ago and created humans through genetic engineering, and that they will be returning.
  • Another Planet X theory is that it will not hit Earth, but pass so closely to our planet that it will disrupt gravity and create global disasters.
  • The sun will explode into a supernova, blowing away our entire solar system.
  • The Age of Aquarius will begin, ushering in advances of freedom, technology, and humanitarianism without prejudice or preference.  It will be a time of deeper spiritual connection, and powerful manifestation of our ideas and ideals.  Those who believe this is what’s coming attribute the recent rapid growth of technology as preparation for the new age.  If this is what happens, hippies will most definitely be dancing like so:


These are just a few of the possibilities and theories that are out there.  What do you think will be happening on December 21st?

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