Create Your Own Boho Backyard

Create Your Own Boho Backyard

Jun 29, 2020

This summer is providing us with opportunities to get creative and enjoy our home spaces. We transformed the area outside our office into a dreamy boho backyard–a comfortable, groovy, open air hangout for summer fun. Here are some ideas to help you create your own boho backyard!

Locate and recycle used pallets to create a makeshift table. One way to find pallets is to ask a local small business if they have any old ones that they have no use for. It’s likely that if a business has inventory, it was shipped to them on pallets that are stacked out back by a dumpster awaiting pickup. Try a local hardware, grocery, or pet store. You could also post an “in search of (ISO)” ad on the internet. A good place to start would be Craigslist or local groups on Facebook. A single pallet works fine for a makeshift table–or line up a few for extra space or to create a longer table.

Create a base for your boho table scape by laying some tapestries or blankets on the ground underneath your pallets and use another as a tablecloth. You could use an extra tapestry or even a sarong folded lengthwise to create a runner. Set the table for snacks, beverages, or a full on feast. It’s finally time to bust out grandma’s old dish set she gifted you–or a perfect opportunity to use your oddball, mismatched, multicolored thrift store dishes from the back of the cabinet! Either will give the setup an extra boho look. Accent the look using your favorite printed napkins or scrap fabric.

Illuminate the scene with some lanterns and candles. You can hang paper lanterns from trees, bushes, or fences with some hemp, yarn or twine by tossing the entire ball of string over a branch or post to create a loop to hang the lantern. Go ahead and dig out those old half-used candlesticks you’ve been saving and give them new life, or pop a tea light or votive into a ball jar for a rustic-boho feel.

Gather up all the throw pillows and cushions in the house and bring them outside for comfortable lounging. You could even stack up folded towels and place them inside your extra pillowcases for additional seating. For extra groovy vibes, bring out some instruments to jam on. If you don’t have any instruments on hand, pots, pans, old buckets, and sticks make amazing makeshift drum sets. Your neighbors will love it and you may just have to invite them over to enjoy your new boho backyard!

We created our boho backyard with some groovy Mexicali gear. Be sure to check out our Boho Backyard Collection to get the entire look or add some Mexicali vibes your own setup!

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