Reducing Stress and Maintaining Mental Health

Reducing Stress and Maintaining Mental Health

Mar 30, 2020
Illustration by Emma Lucille Art

We want to share how some of our team members are taking initiative to reduce stress and manage their mental health. 

Kim starts her day with meditation and finds that she gravitates back to her meditation cushion several times throughout the day. It's important to listen to what your body needs and not to overwhelm your thought process with what you should be doing. It also doesn't hurt to have a singing bowl on hand to set the tone for your morning ritual.

A helpful daily practice to adopt is to sit down with a warm cup of tea and think of a few things you are grateful for. You can even do this at the beginning of your meditation! Perhaps, later in the day you can circle back and reflect on what you were grateful for in the morning compared to the evening.  This can also be a way to break up the late evenings that keep getting longer as the sun sets further into the night.

Connecting with the ones you love is more important than ever. In times like this it becomes apparent how we can take travel for granted. More and more of us are experiencing the restrictions but that doesn't mean you can't video chat with your crew. In fact, the world seems to be more connected than ever.

Our Mexicali crew has been putting a lot of energy into cooking! Whether its finally trying a recipe they've been meaning to test out for months or getting creative with veggies, cooking is the shining star of all indoor activities. Kayla from our Portland location says, "There is nothing better than taking out stress through chopping a bunch of vegetables!" And we quite agree! Though there has also been a lot of baking which isn't as forgiving on our waist lines!

Get outside to enjoy fresh air. Another way Kayla takes time for herself and mental health is to visit the ocean. She says, "There's nothing like standing on the edge of land where it means the sea... I like to send my stress out with the tide and replace it with a collection of sail shells or rocks that look like little planets because I look at those and find small moments of joy!"

Diving into creativity is a great form of therapy and stress release. Sometimes we don't have the words to express what it is happening in our lives and starting a daily drawing practice or making a collage are productive and time consuming activities that you can take part in. 

Which ever activities you chose to fill up your time, try to make a routine out of it and don't overwhelm yourself with too many tasks. 

Tune back in soon for more content on wellness! 

Illustration by Emma Lucille McCabe. Follow her on instagram and facebook. View her full portfolio at

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