Jan 5, 2017

Pete and Kim get ready to renew our commitment to our artisans and their communities in 2017.

At Mexicali Blues, we’re spending January focusing on renewal, with a magical, mindful, month-long recalibration of our bodies, minds, homes and relationships.  And we want you to come along!

Traveling is a wonderful way to make everything feel new again, and it’s a particularly popular renewal strategy at Mexicali Blues. Pretty much everyone on our team has a plan to get away from it all at some point, whether it’s a simple weekend camping trip or getting a new stamp on their passport. After all, you don’t need to go far or spend much to get the feeling of renewal that travel provides—the ability to see the world, and yourself, from a different vantage point.

But what if travel is part of your job? As Pete and Kim Erskine prepare for another epic buying adventure abroad this February, they want us all to know that it never feels like a chore. “Just packing is filling us with a sense of renewed purpose!” Kim says.

Our co-buying duo will be delving into the markets and shops of Thailand, Nepal, Bali and Guatemala to find the most amazing clothing and accessories (as always!). But they will be doing much more. On each stop, they’re seeing firsthand the incredible impact our corporate philanthropy program is having:

  • In Thailand, they will be checking in with Friends of Thai daughters and the Sunflower House we helped to fund, where 75 girls are transforming their lives.  
  • In Guatemala, they’ll tour the houses that the proceeds from our beaded bracelets help the Guatemala Housing Alliance to build, and meet the villagers who call them home.
  • In Nepal, they’ll be visiting the school we are helping the volunteers at the dZi Foundation to construct—a school in a village so remote, they’ll have to find it on foot!

So at Mexicali Blues, buying trips are actually giving trips. “While we’re out there buying the best world goods we are always doing our best to do good in the world,” says Pete.

This buying trip also coincides with another renewal—their 25th wedding anniversary, which they plan to celebrate in Australia with their family. Congratulations, Pete and Kim!


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