18,396,000 Minutes of Mexicali Blues 🎂

18,396,000 Minutes of Mexicali Blues 🎂

Mar 24, 2023

(staff smiles at our flagship store in Newcastle, Maine)

35 Years of Mexicali Blues 🎂

On March 25th Mexicali will be celebrating its 35th birthday. That’s millions of Mexicali minutes, and if you multiply that at the going rate of 3.14 smiles per minute… that’s a whole lot of smiles. A lot of smiles means a lot of faces, a lot of friendships, a lot of laughter, and a lot of love. Calculating all of the above is nearly impossible, especially over 35 years, but we’re going to try… let's look at the numbers.

999,999 Tie Dyes

We’re not sure about this one, we can’t find all of the handwritten receipts …

1,826.25 Weeks

… a great many Mondays, and far too many candles to put on a birthday cake …

616 Employees

… countless smiling faces from the past, present, and future of Mexicali Blues …

420 Months

… that’s even more lunar cycles, plus a small room full of Moon Phase Calendars … 

169 Vendors

… most of our makers are family businesses, so that’s A LOT of family members …

100+ Non Profits

… we’ve been supporting initiatives that do a World of Good from the very beginning …

35 Trips Around the Sun

… with frequent flights to the other side of the world, even more trips around the earth …

11 Countries

… countless traditions, cultures, histories, languages, art forms, and time zones …

3 Tie Dye Delivery Vans

… that have great mileage, both miles per gallon and Smiles Per Gallon …

2 Solar Arrays

… panels on our warehouse & flagship store in Newcastle produce surplus power …


… 1% of all sales to support our triple bottom line, People, Planet and Prosperity.

35 Years of Clothing that fits your mind at Mexicali Blues(staff smiles outside our original Newcastle location)


Whether you measure it in minutes or months, smiles or miles, 35 has never felt so good. Thanks for joining us on this trip around the sun, what a long strange trip it's been. We look forward to the next one, and to many more measurements, whatever they might be…

35 years in the making…

for now... ✌️,❤️, and Mexicali

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