Work First - Unwind After, Sea of Bliss, Abundance of Awareness 🫶

Work First - Unwind After, Sea of Bliss, Abundance of Awareness 🫶

Feb 9, 2023
February 12-18, 2023


This week brings added mental clarity to recognizing what we need as opposed to what we want. There will be conflicts between our desires to escape and let go of our cares and responsibilities and the pressing need to focus through the distractions to stay on point and take care of what needs to be accomplished. 


Sunday, February 12, 2023

Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus


Our capacity to perceive how we feel about all that we value in life is strong today. Recognizing our own values and the values of those we care deeply about can help shift our perceptions into much more clarity. Do we clearly see the differences between what we need and what we want? If we are in a relationship, this can play out as a deep conversation with our partner.

The subtle aspects between Mars and Chiron play a role in this potential, opening up the possibility for healthy breakthroughs surrounding private traumas we have endured in the past. Remember to always start from the heart whenever we enter difficult conversations with loved ones. There are memories of pain and shame that often need to be compassionately received when shared.


Monday, February 13, 2023

Moon in Scorpio trine Venus and Neptune in Pisces
Moon in Scorpio square Sun and Pluto in Capricorn

Moon makes a series of aspects today, starting with its trine to Venus and Square to Sun, eventually moving on to trine Neptune and square Pluto. These can be conflicting influences, jockeying between a desire to unplug, unwind, and float in the watery flow of life and a pressing need to accomplish a great deal of work with others, which can lead to some friction and disagreements. Always a recipe for work first and unwind after. We would do well to keep our opinions fluid and our minds open to the suggestions of co-workers and our partners.


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Moon in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Aries
Moon in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini

If we have been waiting for the right day to plan, think, and go big, this is the day. With the fiery influence between Moon and Jupiter activated by an open flowing trine aspect, there is so much that can be discovered, worked out, and manifested. We will feel a massive burst of possibilities and opportunities, and may even find ourselves in a position to take a chance on a project or idea. We may also be given some opportunity involving another culture, country, or foreign person/people. Whatever the case, if we can carefully assess the risks involved and feel good about the likelihood of success, it can be a good day to go for it.

Later in the evening, however, we should be mindful of potential backlashes, or at least some opposition from others. Moon-Mars oppositions can bring exactly that: opposition. So, keeping our confidence and pride in check when discussing the aforementioned big ideas and projects with others would be a good idea. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces
Moon in Sagittarius square Venus and Neptune in Pisces

We can get swept away into a sea of bliss and carefree desires today. All the world seems beautiful and magical and filled with love and enlightenment. Starting the day with meditation, yoga, or exercise can help bolster these buoyant optimistic feelings, boosting our serotonin and awakening us to how synchronous and precious the entire world and universe truly are.

If you are waiting for the other shoe to drop, unfortunately it may. As Moon in Sagittarius comes into a square aspect with these loving blissful deities, the truths of our disillusionments emerge and force us back into whatever version of reality we must face. There is certainly tremendous value in recognizing the unbounding beauty of life, but we can get carried away with escaping into those hazy realms, forgetting our everyday needs and responsibilities.


Thursday, February 16, 2023

Mercury in Aquarius square Moon’s Nodes
Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

Today brings multiple levels of understanding into our lives. First, we find invaluable clarity about the direction we are taking in life. We notice the unique ways in which we function, communicate, learn, and apply our knowledge. Things seem to make much more sense; why we made certain decisions in the past, how everything led up to this day, despite the fact that it is just like any other day that has ever been. That clarity and understanding can be utilized to make great strides in our confidence, optimism, and determination moving forward.

As the day wanes on, we are increasingly drawn to noticing the importance of improving how our lives are structured, be it by way of routines, better planning, inspirational life-enhancing ideas that are capable of manifesting and being sustainable, etc. We must take away the distractions, emotional or physical, and apply what we know to be true in our everyday lives. A wonderful day to make something work better, just know it will require dedication and commitment.


Friday, February 17, 2023

Moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces
Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries


Though we will find ourselves caught between the clashing forces of delusional escapism and cold hard responsibilities today, we must take heart that there are lessons lurking within that intensely dynamic sphere. Lessons that can motivate us to make expansive improvements and discover exciting new ideas. How many times do we stumble upon the same thing without seeing it in a new light? How we perceive everything around us, all we experience, and all the people we know and meet shapes every facet of our lives. If we make time to notice all of these things through different lenses, we expand our consciousness, our compassion, and our sense of faith and security in life. Today is a day that can massively motivate us into pursuing our greatest potentials, but only if we make the time to wake up and notice those potentials.


Saturday, February 18, 2023

Moon in Aquarius square Moon’s Nodes
Moon conjunct Mercury in Aquarius


Feeding off the day before, there is an abundance of awareness available today if we know how to tap into it. Our emotional body feels inclined to step back and survey the world around us as though we are an eagle circling high above. All our fragrant hopes and dreams that are brewing in our pot are beginning to fill the air with alluring and mesmerizing scents. The clarity and understanding we gained on Thursday is now rooting deeper into our being, allowing us to feel into it and make it our own. Take your mind, plug it in, and see how incredibly dazzling all those lights are! Remember that there is always room for more clarity, more ideas, and more improvement. 


Remember, there is clarity to be had this week, but know that that clarity may be about our insecurities, lack of confidence, or deeper psychological traumas that we have kept hidden in safe spaces within our psyches. Stay warmly compassionate if conversations arise about these issues we all face throughout our lives.

Geoff brings a warm nurturing nature to his clients that helps them feel comfortable and at ease. If you would like more profound insight into how these transits are personally affecting you, you can contact Geoff for a private consultation at

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