Trust the Flow of the River, it Becomes the Sea 〰

Trust the Flow of the River, it Becomes the Sea 〰

Feb 22, 2023

February 26 – March 4 2023


Moon moves through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo this week, asking us to focus on our values, lessons, emotions, and fun. There are transformation alignments that challenge us to face and heal any trauma suffered by our inner child, but ultimately we find relief and growth through trusting in the flow of the river that is unafraid of becoming the sea.


Sunday, February 26, 2023

Moon in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius
Moon in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn
Moon ingresses Gemini


We feel the demands of our responsibilities shape our morning. Getting right into it from the beginning will help satisfy the rigorous work ethic Saturn imposes upon us. And with a somewhat more relieving trine Moon makes with Pluto shortly thereafter, those morning routines and standards will be rewarded with some sense of accomplishment toward our self-sustaining goals. 


Launching from the earth-bound confines of Taurus into the fleet-footed expanse of Gemini, Moon begins to excite our minds with increased zest for socializing, learning new things, and perhaps even a road trip. We will feel a sense of decompression as Moon’s aspects to tough Saturn and heavy Pluto separate and dissipate throughout the day. 


Monday, February 27, 2023

Moon in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries
Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini


Adding to the new excitement garnered by yesterday's ingress into Gemini, Moon delights even more today with a morning sextile to Jupiter, offering a very healthy dose of opportunity and progress by way of logical right action. If we stay focused and active in whatever endeavor we are seeking achievement from, much can be gained there today.


The added dose of Moon applying to Mars in Gemini later tonight plays into Moon’s earlier aspect with Jupiter, making this is a fabulous day to focus our minds on what drives us forward toward success. As Mars can cause inflammation, we should all remember to take deep breaths this evening while communicating with others.


Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
Moon in Gemini trine Mercury in Aquarius


The potential conflict between Moon’s light-hearted and fickle Gemini placement and Neptune’s misty Pisces placement can cause some confusion and difficulty in our morning flow today. But as Moon moves into a much more flowing and agreeable trine to Mercury in Aquarius by mid-afternoon (EST), our mental synapses are firing on all 12 cylinders. There is enormous congruity between these two bodies in these signs and in this aspect. We would do very well today to either hold important conversations with colleagues and co-workers, or to make time to heavily brainstorm ideas, plans, or any exciting new projects we have been wanting to figure out, because figuring things out is indeed what this configuration is so perfect for at this time.


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Moon in Cancer sextile/trine Moon’s Nodes
Moon in Cancer trine Sun in Pisces
Moon in Cancer square Venus and Jupiter in Aries


Though Moon eased into Cancer last night, we wake up today to its very congenial alignments to its nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This stirs up reflection upon our path that lies behind us and ahead of us. Though we are so often caught up in the day-to-day grind of work and responsibilities, or the occasional day off to not think or worry about those things, if we can make time to meditate on where we have been and where we feel we should be going, this is a wonderful day to do that meditation. 


As we roll into the evening hours, we are inclined to let go of our worries and indulge in whatever helps relieve tension in our lives. And though this really is what we need to do, it likely won’t be without some fresh skirmishes in our relationships, so it is best to take it all in stride and remain calm. Maybe share in some joint exercise of relieving tension and stress, such as going for a walk together.


***Make time to view Venus and Jupiter incredibly close in the sky just after sunset tonight.***


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Venus conjunct Jupiter at 12° Aries (12:21am EST)
Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus
Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius
Mercury ingresses Pisces


Happening just after midnight (EST), Venus and Jupiter come together not just by zodiacal degree (celestial longitude), but also by declination, making this conjunction very close indeed. While last year’s conjunction was in Pisces, this year’s conjunction is in Aries, which influences us in a much more active and passion-driven manner. 


Due to Sun, Moon, and Chiron playing an active role in this conjunction, we are extra driven to face and heal any wounds inflicted upon our inner child. Though we may never truly conquer these wounds, we can embrace the lessons they have taught us over the years to enact positive growth.


As Moon grooves into a snazzy sextile with Uranus early in the morning, our day is greeted with a rather grounding sense of emotional security. This can feel like a blessing that hopefully alleviates some anxiety today. Take a swim, have a bath, go sit by a creek or river.


Mercury joining Saturn at the end of Aquarius begs of us to stay true to our ideals and to harness our logistical capacities to boldly communicate, enact, and follow through with those ideals. There may be some vocally authoritative tendencies with this aspect, so breathing before we speak to allow some space between would be a good idea.


When Mercury dives headlong into the deep fathomless sea of Pisces this evening, we should expect a subtle shift in our thought processes, likely sending our typically logical and focused minds into some drifting forays and rabbit holes. Trust in the natural instincts of this placement while it is here because much can be revealed if we listen.


Friday, March 3, 2023

Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries
Moon ingresses Leo
Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn


How are we to overcome the difficulty of enacting change in our lives when we feel so defeated and traumatized by our past and the current world around us? This challenge is upon us today, and it begs reflection upon what we hold most important in our lives, whether it is those we love, the home we live in, the friendships we cherish, or anything that truly matters to us. 


Coupled with the abovementioned challenges, today’s Moon-Pluto opposition can also stir up a number of emotional issues swirling through our lives and leave us feeling a bit stranded. Fortunately, as soon as Moon begins to separate from its opposition to Pluto, it moves into the sign of Leo.


Moon in Leo will bring some much needed relief to the tensions of the emotional upheavals the morning and early afternoon aspects imposed upon us. We can loosen up, lay down our burdens, shake it all off, and hopefully roll into a much more light-hearted evening of laughter, dancing, and games with friends and loved ones. Just remember that no feeling stays the same.


Saturday, March 4, 2023

Moon in Leo trine Jupiter, Chiron, and then Venus in Aries


As Moon makes its way through Leo today, we may feel the series of trine aspects it makes to Jupiter, Chiron, and finally Venus in Aries, allowing some clarity and understanding to surface after yesterday’s emotional stirrings. There can be greater excitement about choices available to us, potential opportunities related to our true passions, and renewed hope in intimate relationships with our partner or with our dear friends. We should soak up the fun-filled Leo Moon today and do what we can to lively up ourselves.



Take time to breathe deeply this week, go for a walk or three, swim or sit by running water, and allow the challenges that arise to blend with our faith in the flow of life. Trusting that the universe has our backs, and believing in our own hearts and the hearts of those we love will help guide us toward a relieving and light-hearted weekend ahead. 

Geoff brings a warm nurturing nature to his clients that helps them feel comfortable and at ease. If you would like more profound insight into how these transits are personally affecting you, you can contact Geoff for a private consultation at

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