September 11th - September 18th: Soul's Journey, Sun's Yod, Sacred Subtleties ☀️

Sep 8, 2022

Sunday afternoon we find Moon conjunct Jupiter at 5° Aries, refreshing our memories with the new beginnings set in motion back in May. Whether they were consciously put in place or not, there were new patterns forming at that time. This reunion of Moon and Jupiter is stirring up those patterns in our soul’s journey. Reflect upon this, be prepared to actively embrace them, and move forward with grace and confidence. Opportunity comes from Jupiter, and action comes from Aries, so we are called to awaken these and realign with the path we consciously, or unconsciously, chose to follow deep within.

We can also embrace a harmonious Sun-Uranus trine in Virgo and Taurus, respectively, on Sunday. Despite the rebellious nature of Uranus and the flamboyant energy of Sun, there is a grounding influence to this aspect due to their both being in earth signs. Taking stock of our resources and money, recognizing how we can make a difference through consistent and organized work, and trusting the power we have to affect change are all in play here. 

As Moon moves into what is called a Yod with Sun and Saturn on Monday, we will feel this power within us even more. Saturn wants us to do the hard work to achieve greatness, Moon is always reflecting our emotional experiences, and Sun teaches us how to shine and bring forth new life and new creative potentials. With Sun at the zenith of this Yod, and Saturn and Moon at the foundation supporting Sun, this is a prime opportune time to utilize our capacity to organize, refine, clean, purify, and efficiently proceed toward our dreams and visions.

As Venus in Virgo applies to a square with Mars in Gemini, we become increasingly focused on the quality and health of our relationships. This is especially emphasized because Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, which is currently retrograde in Libra, the sign of relationships. During the time Mercury is retrograde, we are reflecting, reviewing, and reassessing. Think of it as a sort of cosmic redo, like when we played four square and screwed up our serve and shouted, “REDO!” Venus square Mars can bring some tension and struggles in our relationships, and because Mercury is involved, this can seriously affect our communication. Don’t be surprised if there are some communication breakdowns. Just know the process requires healthy work in order to grow and make things better. We’ve got this!

As the week progresses, we are feeling the final application of the Saturn-Uranus square that took place three times last year. These two planets square each other every 22 years, and when they occur, they square each other three times due to retrogrades. Although Saturn and Uranus don’t actually make it all the way to a square this week, it is significant to note that they are only 1° away from it. This aspect is usually more noticeable on a mundane level, but we certainly can see it affecting us personally, too. The gist of this aspect is that we cannot sustain old, outmoded structures that we’ve relied on for so long. This is a classic clash between old traditions (Saturn) and more consciously aware methods (Uranus). Though we have seen so much of this clash over the past few years, we could see some topics specifically related to it coming up in the news around this time. Most importantly, be mindful of your own clashes with authority and the “old ways.” Find compassion and patience for the glacial pace humanity needs to evolve toward a more awakened collective consciousness.

Finally, Friday afternoon we find Sun in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, with Moon applying to square them both at 24° Gemini on Saturday. This brings some nebulousness to our journey, but there are sacred subtleties underlying that voyage. Of all the planets, Neptune is our spiritual teacher. Neptune is elusive, mysterious, and usually influences us in ways we cannot control or predict. While this may seem frightening, it teaches us to have faith; to trust in the river that will get us to the sea. Many enlightening experiences can arise if we quiet ourselves enough to listen. Therefore, set aside time to meditate, do yoga, swim in the lakes or ocean, and allow yourself to dissolve into the magic that surrounds us every day. Neptune rules the oceans and lakes, as well as our dreams. So be sure to pay attention to your dreams this week and next weekend. Messages from Neptune may await you!


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