October 10th - October 16th: Aphrodite's Fresh Winds of Change 🌬

October 10th - October 16th: Aphrodite's Fresh Winds of Change 🌬

Oct 9, 2021

The veils between realms are thinning now, leading up to All Hallows Eve, Halloween... at the end of the month. Airy spirits... five planets in Libra, are whisking away the fruits of the summer and stirring up thoughts of the dying life forces to come as the Earth's rotation leans the North Pole away from the Sun.

Fire from the Moon in Sagittarius opens the week. Inspiration enlivens our thoughts as fire and air mingle.

Lovely Venus is there with the Moon, leaving dark Scorpio for the freedom of Sagittarius. Love interests are lifted and possibilities open out for new attractions, new adventures.

Aphrodite breathes the fresh air of the winds of change. 

Change is in the air. Saturn begins the turning by going direct this week. A loosening of bonds is felt in our Aquarian Dreams. Jupter will follow suit on the 18th bringing hope and wisdom to what we envision. 

Remembering our ideals is the task of Mercury retrograde as the Great Messenger flies between all the worlds. In Libra, the aim is to harmonize all the realms, the deep unconscious with the loving heights.

Let yourself recall the sweetness of your innocence and delight in the freshness of new ideas.

Mars in Libra now burns up as it conjoins the Sun. This is the New Moon phase of Mars and ends an old  and begins a new two year cycle.

Where and what were you doing two years ago? That phase has ended and a new phase is soon to be forged.  Mars in Libra must act diplomatically to assist in bringing harmony.

Your words and actions are crucial now for anchoring peaceful relations.

The week closes with a beautiful trine of the Sun and Mars with Jupiter in Aquarius, all air and light. 

As darkness descends, what will you carry the torch for? What hope stirs your heart?

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