North and South Nodes, Lunar Eclipse, Planetary Alignment

North and South Nodes, Lunar Eclipse, Planetary Alignment

Nov 3, 2022

November 6-13, 2022


As all the inner planets are clustered around the South Node* of the Moon in Scorpio on Sunday, we may be feeling the weights and depths of our weariness, but the Moon in Aries is reminding us to shine our hearts and wave our wild flags of individuality freely. 


Early Sunday morning into Monday we are feeling the push-pull between making and breaking the rules of engagement between our closest partners, business or personal. The players are Venus (partners), Uranus (rebels), and Saturn (rules). Though this is a rather fleeting transit due to Venus’s speed, it is not to be underestimated. We will surely find our circumstances impacted by this transit in one form or another as the week ends and a new one begins.


Are we afraid to reveal our oddities to our loved ones? Did we rebel too much and cross personal boundaries? What are the conceivable outcomes of breaking the rules or following the rules? Maybe it’s time to talk about how all the wild harebrain ideas we have can manifest through strategic planning and discipline? How do we make our ideals into reality?


This Venus-Uranus-Saturn T-square can reveal much about the boundaries and passions of the independence and liberties we seek. It may become much clearer at this time exactly what we are after and what we are not, or what our partner is after and what they are not. Though communication can be a challenge, it is a ripe season to voice our opinions in solidarity with our individuation. Just be sure to do it with grace and kindness.


With Mars retrograde in Gemini squaring the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, these circumstances could erupt into reactionary chaos, so take heed and cool your jets! Neptune often drifts through situations without too much foresight, preferring instead to float through life as a log on a river. And when Mars is in Gemini squaring that tendency, the fierceness of its potential can easily go unchecked. So, check your head and heart before launching into any diatribe with anyone you care deeply about.


The Moon is waxing towards a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 16° Taurus on Tuesday morning (6:02am EST). This eclipse will be visible across the entire Pacific Ocean, including the western half of the U.S. and northeastern portion of Asia. It will also be visible at Moonset to the eastern half of the U.S. and further inland in Asia, but Moonset during Full Moons is just before Sunrise, so set your alarm!


This Full Moon is conjunct Uranus at 16° Taurus, while the light it is reflecting from the Scorpio Sun is conjunct Mercury at 15° Scorpio. The volatility of this eclipse is rooted in Uranus, which is the master of the unexpected, so now we know that things can change with zero notice. And because the messengers Mercury and Uranus are so enmeshed in this eclipse, we must pay attention and listen carefully for messages intercepted from our higher consciousness.


The intensity of this eclipse will also stir up our longing to upgrade our lives. How can we strengthen our capacity to sustain ourselves while following our dreams and visions? Do we have a clear picture of exactly what those dreams and visions are? Start a vision journal and revisit it often. Though it is not the time to charge forward toward these visions, it is time to plan.


The bright beaming rays of the Scorpio Sun reflect off the Taurus Moon while Earth drifts exactly between Moon and Sun. This is a Lunar Eclipse. The transmissions penetrate deeply if we listen carefully to our hearts. The potency of eclipses is precisely in the magic of alignments. Just remember, when you are looking at the Moon during a Lunar Eclipse, you are exactly between Moon and Sun. How will you align with this alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth?


Thursday into Friday, as Sun applies to a square with Saturn, and Moon approaches Mars for their conjunction in Gemini, we are feeling the reality of mundane matters and trying to reconcile the visionary inspirations from the eclipse with needing to ground them into our personal realities. Be bold and courageous and confident that you can make anything happen if you believe in it. What are you reaching for? How can you shape it so that it lands in your life the way you want it to?


*The North and South Node of the Moon are invisible points in space. Astronomically, the nodes are the two points where the Moon's orbital path crosses the ecliptic, which is the Sun's apparent annual path on the celestial sphere. Astrologically, the South Node represents where we come from, what we’re very adept at and familiar with, and where we can stagnate if we don’t seek our North Node. The North Node represents our ideal karmic path forward, the direction of growth and progress, and a focus point to always look to, as a compass points to Polaris. These points are always exactly opposite one another, and the polarity of them should always be considered when interpreting astrological influences.

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