Meditations, Relationships, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 🌕

Meditations, Relationships, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 🌕

Apr 27, 2023

April 30 - May 6, 2023


This is a week to pay particular attention to anything and everything that matters most to us, whether it is the people dear to us, the belongings we cherish, or the principles we stand for. These are likely undergoing, to a greater or lesser degree, a metamorphosis over the next month or so, which is often the case when the Sun and its neighboring inner planets are in Taurus. Meditation, even while driving, mowing the grass, doing dishes, or walking, can help enlighten us to just how high we wish to raise the bar of our own standards or ideals.


Sunday, April 30, 2023

Moon in Virgo trine Sun and Mercury in Taurus


 Noticing our core principles in life, reassessing our investments and resources, and examining our capacity to sustain our lifestyle are the colors of the day. It may be that we are feeling aligned with our values and comfortable with our financial situation, but as the month of May sneaks in these could be shifting and transforming in ways we cannot anticipate at this time. It is worth taking stock of what matters most to us and how to nurture those things.


Managing our lives can be incredibly challenging. Getting hung up on inconsequentials and distractions often waylays us when we least expect it, but today can be tremendously productive if we can successfully bat away those distractions and focus on the pragmatic essentials that will shape our near and distant future.


Monday, May 1, 2023

Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus
Moon in Virgo square Venus in Gemini
Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces
Mercury conjunct Sun in Taurus


The process of today’s Virgo Moon transitioning through its aspects to Uranus, Venus, and Neptune signal subtle yet vital varieties of refinement. We might first recognize an inclination to align our principles with our attainable ideals. Perhaps we are suddenly wanting to set our sights higher for we manage our life and finances. We could then find ourselves a bit at odds with a partner or business colleague, hashing out differences of opinion. And as the evening sets in, we may feel confused or unsure of how to anchor and integrate all the refinement we just spent the last few days analyzing and organizing.


Take heart that clarity and confusion often ebb and flow through our daily lives like the tides in the Bay of Fundy, so trust clarity will surge back into the fray before long.


As Mercury meets back up with the Sun today during its retrograde cycle, the ongoing focus on our innermost values is amplified. What do we stand for? So much of what is front and center in our lives during Taurus season is what we have to work with, what matters to us, and what we want out of life. And with Mercury in the heart of the Sun during its retrograde cycle the reassessing, reconfiguring, and realigning is heavily playing a part in our lives. Taking stock of it all and solidifying what we have to work with is the song on the radio today.


Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Moon ingresses Libra and trines Pluto in Aquarius


After Moon’s foray through Virgo, refining and clearing away the debris of dead branches in our lives, we are reminded of the value of having others in our lives to help when needed. Seeing others as reflections of ourselves and learning how to understand and appreciate the reflective quality of this process can teach us more about companionship and friendship. We might be attributing some of the shifts in our principles to certain people in our lives, possibly even noticing how some of those people might not be contributing to our growth. Maybe it is a good time to step back and ask what we are expecting and desiring from the relationships we are in, or if our judgement is skewed by our own misplaced expectations.


Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Moon in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries


Do the relationships we have in our lives help heal or exacerbate our trauma and suffering? Are there redemptive qualities in those relationships? Reflecting upon and scrutinizing these relations with as much objective discernment as possible may help us recognize exactly who we appreciate most. However, we should be compassionately keeping in mind that we are all human, we are all busy, and we are all suffering through pain and strife and agony, so stay mindful to not over-criticize those who may struggle to nurture or communicate with us as much we would prefer. Our wounds are our own, and our healing, while capable of being facilitated in part by others, should be our own responsibility. Reflecting upon that painful inner process may be today’s poetry.


Thursday, May 4, 2023

Moon in Libra trine Venus in Gemini and opposite Jupiter in Aries
Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
Moon ingresses Scorpio, conjunct North Node, square Pluto in Aquarius, trine Saturn in Pisces


Today’s activations are churning the wheel of deliberate relational psychoanalysis. We seek harmony through healthy communication, yet we notice some incongruity present in some of our most personal relationships. Through communication and healthy analyzation we can determine just how valuable they are to us, paving the way for some inner work to notice whether we might be the ones not allowing enough elasticity to make them work.


The limbs of our tree may need trimming, but the health of our roots could be the cause of those limbs dying. Setting standards puts boundaries in place, but setting them too high can threaten the validity of our humility. All too often we are blind to our own undoing, not being able to recognize the role we play in the unraveling of our relationships, even just the day-to-day communication breakdowns. It’s always the same. Taking time to breathe through the tough moments and notice if we are being honest, compassionate, and caring toward those we love dearly should be our focus today.


Friday, May 5, 2023

Moon in Scorpio opposite Mercury, Sun, and Uranus in Taurus
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at 1:34pm EDT


Reflections bring us into the deep caverns of our shadows. There is a time to sow seeds of love, and there is a time to sit back and notice their growth. Watering our growth and allowing it to bask in the golden magic of the Sun can teach us all we need to know. The core principles we stand for every day are being tested and scrutinized as though a mirror is turned on ourselves so we can see just how loyal, trustworthy, and authentic we are being. While it is easy to hyper criticize ourselves and our faults, it is worth remembering how sacred it is to laugh at ourselves and cut ourselves some slack when we realize how tough we may have been over the years.


Sipping from the cup of grace can ease the pain we have inflicted upon ourselves for however long. As much as this missive may sound contradictory, that is the theme of this Full Moon in Scorpio. While noticing our flaws and feeling ashamed of them, we muster our way through that shame with humility and remembrance that we are all just working it out. Climbing back up on our horse and continuing our journey with first a trot, then a canter, then a gallop, is our course of action moving forward through the waning Moon.


Saturday, May 6, 2023

Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces
Moon ingresses Sagittarius sextile Pluto in Aquarius


Easing into this weekend with an open flowing water trine with Neptune helps relieve much of the exacerbation experienced during the week. The stress and anxiety that has accrued may be a lot to handle, but we are not alone. These activations and transits affect everyone in their own way. It is a good day to harness the majestic grace of the horse we rode in on by embodying its strength, resilience, and beauty. Reaching for the gold ring down inside, even if we can’t reach it, we should never stop trying. 


How do we expand our consciousness to break the shackles that have conditioned us for so long? Effectively conquering and mastering the obstacles and barriers that blocked our path forward is a challenge worth accepting. Today can show us how and where to find what we need in order to regain a hope that may have been lost or floundering from our grasp. Look to the future and realize what redemption, revelation, and rejuvenation is lying in wait for all of us, as long as we hold on to hope and love.


Watering our growth and giving it plenty of sunshine can instill hope, joy, and serenity into our often tattered daily lives. Wandering through the reaches of our innermost shadows and dark corners is a challenge not for the weary, but courage to accept that challenge reaps rewards we may never achieve without doing so. When the days seem long and arduous, just remember to feel your way like the day before and trust that the tide will flow again into harmony, clarity, and understanding. Nothing is forever.

Geoff brings a warm nurturing nature to his clients that helps them feel comfortable and at ease. If you would like more profound insight into how these transits are personally affecting you, you can contact Geoff for a private consultation at

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