July 18th-July 24th: Lions, Kingdoms, & Wise Wizards 🧙

Jul 17, 2021

Sweet water Cancer concludes her Season this week, bowing out to the regalia of Leo. As the exchange of baton occurs, courtly courtesy between the two luminaries of Moon and Sun displays a transfer of light from soft night to brilliant day.

The glorious mane of the male lion mimics the Sun's golden Ray's. Hear the thunder of the lion's roar as a new reign commences on Thursday the 22nd and reverberates in the chest cavity,  stirring the heart to act out of compassionate nobility. 

The vast kingdom, inner and outer, needs the wisdom of the beating heart in order to rule with courage and take a leap of faith.

Each one of us comprises a kingdom, a realm, that we oversee as we roam the earth. With Leo at the heart of the zodiac, the clarion call comes to take up the mantle of authority of a wise wizard, stand in our center and conjure up our personal magic.

At the gateway to the week, the rare aspect of an Isosceles triangle, known as a Yod in Astro lingo, has just formed, linking at its 60 degree base Pluto in Capricorn, the power inherent in societal structures, with Neptune in Pisces, the ethereal numinous realm of Spirit. Both are gazing intently at the Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo 150 degrees away, that love connection between yin and yang.

The Yod, also referred to as The Finger of God for it's intense pointed nature, always tries to bring together energies that are foreign to each other.

In this crucible are tossed together  the extreme heat of fixed Fire, Leo, nebulous ethereal flows of mutable Water, Pisces, and the hardest matter of calcified Earth, Capricorn. The tensions in this alchemical struggle will involve every sign in the zodiac because all three of the triplicities are caught up in it.

Whatever sun sign you are, you are cast in this great work and must invent a part to play. How will we manage to transmute such a crazy mix? It will take great heart to find a solution. The door closes by the 22nd!

At the denouement of this sun-drenched week, the peak of the lunar cycle arrives at 1 degree of  airy Aquarius. Whatever seeds were sown at the new Moon in Cancer on the 9th of July are reflected back to us now in the luminous Full Moon.

Look for news traveling at unimaginable speed from the galactic center of 27 degrees of Sagittarius for this full moon is echoing many cycles spanning several centuries. Especially 1517 AD. 1988 AD. January and December of 2020.  Cycles within cycles... and more to come!

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