January 9th - January 15th: Planetary Tango 🪐💃

January 9th - January 15th: Planetary Tango 🪐💃

Jan 8, 2022

With the lunar nodes now solidly in the new cycle of Taurus and Scorpio, Venus, Mars and Pluto will be doing an awesome intense dance… perhaps at times a Tango... for the next 18 months on the themes of where we derive self- worth and our sense of potency.

Our values will be in question big time, including the monetary systems we've created.

And indeed, a week for solitude and reflection on our values is at hand, in spite of it opening with the Moon in Aries trining Mars in Sagittarius. Though we begin with enthusiastic action, the mood of Capricorn and Saturn colors the next 7 days.

The traveling Moon enters it's sign of exaltation, earthy Taurus, on Monday where it will conjoin with Uranus at 10 degrees while squaring Saturn in Aquarius. 

All fixed signs take note!

Taurus is the body of both the self and the Earth. Uranus is sudden changes and Saturn the likelihood of restriction….

Try not to end up in a cast!🙀

The more positive possibilities are the simple peace of Taurus and the solitude of Saturn can bring the lightning of illumination from the  higher Uranian realms. Quiet meditation brings higher visions…

Love planet Venus is out of Pluto's sight for the moment. She has been at the heart of the Sun and is now a morning star ⭐ heralding the qualities of Capricorn. 

She's taking a more serious approach to relationships and her values toward art and beauty.

She expects dignity and a purposeful approach to creating.

No whining! Do the work!!

The next two days, the 13th and 14th, ask us to keep a high and steady spiritual perspective.

First, the Sun is now within the 3 degree orb of Pluto in Capricorn. With an emerging sense of personal power, raging egoism can be avoided by invoking Cap's ruling planet's qualities of humility and reverence. 

Saturn isn't all bad!

Sometimes Saturn is The Hermit..

When self- discipline and quiet reflection combine, miracles come.

Neptune in Pisces then  forms a T square with hard angles to Mars and the Moon. This is a brief aspect but can really lift us if we rest into the sweetness of the small details of the day.

Remember, everything is illuminated!


Make a small offering to humanity...

even a smile...

enhances the life of the Cosmos.🌠


Our astrologer, Laura Kenworthy, has been studying the patterns of the cosmic matrix for more than forty years.. The language of astrology came naturally for her but she was also fortunate enough to have had several masterful mentors including Rick Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche, Kelly Lee Phipps, Liz Greene, and most recently Adam Ellenbaas.  If you would like to have a personal reading, she can be reached at laurakenworthytucker@gmail.com. Learn to dance with the stars!

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