Full Moon in Leo, Mysteries, Magic, & Roar 🦁

January 21-27, 2024


The wind is blowing us headlong into the fray of all we deem lovely and worthy this week. From the jittery hullabaloo to the misty mysteries, we are finding out what it is that drives us into the future like a runaway train. Of course it is the magnetic phenomenon of Sun’s massive effect upon us, but it is also the dreams, values, and desires that boil in the bottom of our weary toes. This week’s Full Moon in Leo can show us just how exciting life can be if we stay on track and don’t give up on the magic of our unique identities.


Daily Astrology Forecast


Sunday, January 21, 2024 👇


Moon in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries


Our Sunday is a good day to soak up the super fresh Aquarian vibes rolling in from Sun and Pluto. These infant vibes are beginning to levitate us up above the peaks of the mountains we have been climbing for over 15 years. It is regal and kind of Sun to usher Pluto into its new domain, ensuring us the spirit of our future is bathed in the warmth and brightness all life needs to survive. The celestial forecast may often seem challenging or bleak, but we must trust the times we are traversing together as days and years of courage, hope, and resilience. 


The chatty and light-hearted Gemini Moon helps alleviate any anxiety or stress that may be lingering from such an emotional near-end to Pluto’s reign in Capricorn. The emotions of our troubles and woes can be freely shared, discussed, and loosened from the chains of their dominion deep inside us, helping to brighten our spirits. Hopefully we can all make time to laugh, dance, or maybe cry tears of relief today, and may the heavens play a plain serenade to help us through.

Monday, January 22, 2024 👇


Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Gemini opposite Venus in Sagittarius


The decompressing lightness of yesterday cleared some space for today’s tendencies for communication and travel disarray, so we should be prepared to explain ourselves more than once, not understand others as well, and maybe sit at an airport or depot longer than expected. The invisible critters are chewing the wires that link the harmonies and clarities to everything and everyone. We just need to be patient, kind, and try to laugh at all of it the best we can. 


After those critters get their fill, we should be in the clear for some lively and inspiring conversations about upcoming adventures we are in the midst of planning, new directions we want to traverse in our ever-expanding consciousnesses, or maybe just some really cool ideas we have been pondering. There is a solid back and forth, give and take, ebb and flow medley playing out in the spaces between us and those in our periphery. We should take advantage by engaging, opening our hearts, minds, eyes, and ears, and expect to be inspired by where our lives are taking us.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 👇


Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces

Venus ingresses Capricorn

Moon in Cancer opposite Mercury then Mars in Capricorn


Hopefully the fog from yesterday has dissipated enough, and hopefully our inspiration from yesterday has fortified us enough to conquer today like crabs around a rocky tidal shoreline, because these shifts enveloping us today are emotional reminders to respect the deeply personal and turbulent experiences every person we see are going through. We must make time to quietly process the journey we are on if we are to carry on with that journey with greater ease, clarity, and happiness. Such needs are a part of not just being human, but a part of our evolutionary growth.


Tense discussions could ignite the fierceness in us if we are not conscious of our every motive today. Hopefully we bookmarked yesterday’s inspiring rapport with someone, because we might need to refer back to it to avoid any ego explosions. This is not to say such feisty behavior is imminent, it is merely a reminder to be present and kind when interacting with anyone today.


Venus’s ingress into Capricorn helps initiate the process of integrating all our recent inspiration into our daily lives. “This is not magic, it is reality,” she said. It is time to clear the drawing board and start planning our amazing odyssey ahead. No more lofty, far-fetched ideas that don’t hold water to the feasibility factors. It is time we honor the time-honored virtues of Capricorn’s influence. What works, works. What does not work, does not work. There are limitations to what can be accomplished and forged into existence, so we must humble ourselves in order to stay within the confines of manifest reality to make our dreams come true.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 👇


Moon in Cancer square its nodes

Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces


Moon is stirring up the all-pervading spirit that flows through our lives today. There is a resonating acknowledgement of our divinity that seems to bolster our spirits and remind us that where we have been and where we are going has never been and will never be devoid of that divinity. Everywhere we look there are signs of lessons to be learned. Lessons that can carry us into tomorrow with a worthy task ahead of us. 


These higher echelon influences tap into the mysterious and unexplainable, telling us we need not try to make sense of all things. But pragmatically, we need to learn to nurture our values and our obscure connection to all that is if we are going to sustain any semblance of sanity, joy, and redemption moving forward. Processing the evolution of all that we have found important in our lives throughout our years on Earth helps us land in the presence of today and notice with sparkling clarity what exactly we hold near and dear at this point in our lives.

Thursday, January 25, 2024 👇


Moon in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius

Mars in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries

*Full Moon at 5° Leo at 12:53pm EST*

Moon in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus


The weight of today’s magnetic push-pull can exhaust us or empower us. On one hand we are reflecting upon our role in the zeitgeist and how much we have contributed to making this world a better place for others. While on the other hand we are magnifying our lens to zero in on our personal principles and how we have been working through our emotional turbulence and trauma of yore. 


The upsets, losses, and deaths we have been dealt cannot be undone, but our recognition of their impact upon our lives is worth making the time to develop and understand more deeply. These lessons prod us from time to time, hoping we take the take the bait so we can be reeled up to see the light of day and blossom like the lotus we deserve to unfold for the world to see. Our colors, our symmetry, our fragrance, and of course our beauty instills a unique magic into the world unlike any magic anyone or anything has ever contributed. We should be proud yet humble to stand boldly engaged in the untouchable present that falls like snowflakes across time. 


This is of course the ideal winding road to take today, but it can be very fraught with angst and frustration if we are not willing to let go of our expectations. Tension and turmoil is seeping out of the manholes into the streets of our daydreams waiting for us to inhale it, so we must be mindful that anything other than exercise does not get our heart pumping unnecessarily. Today’s ideal is to breathe through the lurking challenges and dodge the arrows flying our way. 

Friday, January 26, 2024 👇


Mercury in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries

Moon in Leo trine Chiron in Aries 

Moon in Leo quincunx Mercury in Capricorn


These exact aspects between these three celestial bodies occur simultaneously. This is a case of deeply identifying with our own pain and suffering but struggling to convey it or even want to work through any of it with someone else. There is a disconnect between our identification and our communication. We see it but don’t’ want to talk about it. And this is perfectly fine. We should honor our willingness to go to those dark musty corners to revisit the pain. We should honor that pain as our own. That pain brought us to where we are today. It showed us things we would not have noticed otherwise.


While this seems somewhat preposterous, it is worth remembering that even in our darkest hour, the light was still shining somewhere inside of us. That light showed us how to pull through, wake up every day and give that day another chance, and how to not find ourselves in situations like that again. Again, there are lessons everywhere we look, even in the most hideous situations. Let’s respect the tumult as fodder for our resilience. 

Saturday, January 27, 2024 👇


Life throws us punches, lays flowers at our feet, and confounds us everywhere in between. How are we to interpret the signs and omens? Where are we to find ourselves two, three, ten years from now if we don’t know which way to go? Quietly pausing in solitude to answer our own questions about how valuable our presence is in the lives of others can help us remember the importance of our magic. Don’t neglect how bright your light can shine!


Geoff brings a warm nurturing nature to his clients that helps them feel comfortable and at ease. If you would like more profound insight into how these transits are personally affecting you, you can contact Geoff for a private consultation at geoffgronlund.com.

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