December 19th - December 25th: Silver Bells Ringing Through the Cosmos, Gifts From the Stars 🔔🎁💫

December 19th - December 25th: Silver Bells Ringing Through the Cosmos, Gifts From the Stars 🔔🎁💫

Dec 18, 2021

At the stroke of Midnight, as Saturday becomes Sunday, the Moon is still full in shimmering Gemini and the Sun is still at the Galactic Core at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. 

If you are asleep in the land of dreams, Moonbeams are weaving the stories of the Galactic Quest as Mercury tells them to you in the astral light. Where are you in your own quest for fulfillment? Where are you in the great story of our Galaxy? For we are all evolving together.

And lovely Aphrodite, Goddess of love, though still staying at the not-so- luxurious Saturn Hotel (Could I please get another towel! she hollers), is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

But she's getting used to Pluto. After all, he IS ruler of The Underworld..which makes her Queen of same. Queen is good….and Pluto treats her well, respects her power. Pluto loves power after all.

So all you Venusian souls, enjoy this reign with Pluto. You both are Masters of the love arts because Capricorn teaches mastery.

There are two exact conjunctions between them this month..two deep meetings of Power and Love in the sign of Self-mastery. Find them in your own chart wherever you have Capricorn..Enjoy!

And the Solstice of course is on Tuesday the 21st. 

Yule, one of the oldest celebrations known. The Mighty Oak has given over to the reign of the Holly with it's evergreen gloss and blood-red berries peaking through the snow.

The Sun has reached it's Southern-most point from the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere. 

But it doesn't start it's journey back immediately. It stations, stands still... for three and a third days. It causes us to hold our breath too on these darkest times of equal day and night. It's a moment almost timeless. Of deepest stillness.

And then, on the Twenty-fifth, it can be seen to begin to travel North again and we are assured of the return of our Solar disk and the increased illumination of the days.

And that is why the 25th is Christmas. It's the magic of the birth of growing light in the darkest time of the year, the Birth of Hope and the knowledge that we will be given the sustaining nurturance of the Sun once more and it's warm loving rays.

The great mystics tell that on those three days, the Earth rings like a bell throughout the Cosmos. A beautiful, clear bell.

Listen for the Silver Bells..

And remember your dreams... They are gifts from the Stars!


Our astrologer, Laura Kenworthy, has been studying the patterns of the cosmic matrix for more than forty years.. The language of astrology came naturally for her but she was also fortunate enough to have had several masterful mentors including Rick Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche, Kelly Lee Phipps, Liz Greene, and most recently Adam Ellenbaas.  If you would like to have a personal reading, she can be reached at Learn to dance with the stars!


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