Courageous Cauldrons, Deep Sea Ingredients, Feisty Flavors 🥘🤩

Courageous Cauldrons, Deep Sea Ingredients, Feisty Flavors 🥘🤩

Jan 26, 2023

January 29 – February 4, 2023


Sunday, January 29th, we are still feeling the reverberations of Sun’s square to Moon’s nodes, which occurred yesterday. These are deciding moments in life that spur us to reflect upon all that we know and are comfortable with, as well as what we feel we should be pursuing but are apprehensive about because of its unfamiliarity. This aspect is asking us to be courageous.


With the simultaneous trines happening Sunday evening between Sun-Mars and Mercury-Uranus at the exact same moment (9:00pm EST), our courage to commit to a path that will unfold opportunity and potential, despite some challenges, pitfalls, and bumps in the road, is at a peak we would do well to embrace and embody. Courageous acts of good will, good intention, and sincere effort are rewarded with grace and abundance. This Sun-Mars air trine can act as a fanned flame of drive, passion, and fierce independent vision. It may be ideal to envelope ourselves in a forcefield of inner visionary brainstorming this evening. What do you see? The Mercury-Uranus trine in earth signs helps bring tremendous grounding to our inspirations and visions. There is a sense of serious game-changing potential in whatever we are concocting and brewing in our bubbling cauldron tonight! May the recipe be one of our finest ever!


As Moon in Gemini applies to Mars in Gemini on Monday, it first makes a square to Venus in Pisces, reminding us that we are not always in control of our relationships or our finances, especially if they are invested in other companies or mutual funds. And with the relative turbulence of the financial markets these days, coupled with the relative turbulence of our own personal lives and the relationships therein, we can expect to be better off surfing through our Monday without trying to control everything around us. Of course, this is good advice to consider every day, but Monday especially. 


Moon’s sextile to Jupiter in Aries occurs soon after the Moon-Venus square on Monday, subsequently bringing us back into a little control, or at least seemingly, of our ventures. Aries is independent and driven, and Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so that feeling of independence and potential again peeks into our lives with excitement and giddiness. Moon then moves on to meet up with Mars in Gemini a little after midnight Monday night, amplifying the drive and passion so notably attached to Mars and Aries. The chatty Gemini Moon will only want to talk and talk into the night as it meets up with Mars, so expect a conversation-filled evening. Just be sure to keep your temper and personal differences far enough at bay to avoid rash decisions or arguments with those you care about deeply. 


Tuesday, January 31st, finds the astrological landscape to be quieter than typical days, without the usual array of notable transits. It is worth mentioning, however, that all planets and luminaries (Sun/Moon) are in the signs from Capricorn to Gemini, with nothing in the signs from Cancer to Sagittarius. This is called the eastern hemisphere of the zodiac, and half of the signs in this hemisphere (Capricorn to Pisces) represent the transpersonal and public aspect of life, while the other half of this hemisphere (Aries to Gemini) represent personal development and the internal aspect of life. The western hemisphere of the zodiac represents the refinement of our personal and internal life and the outgoing and relatively engaging and relating aspect of life. We are experiencing the effect the transpersonal and public arena has upon our personal and inner worlds, particularly how we survive and understand the world, as well as where we see ourselves in the public arena outside our personal walls and comforts of established understanding. 


Wednesday, February 1st, brings Sun in Aquarius into a sextile aspect with Chiron in Aries. The influence of Chiron always touches upon our vulnerabilities and insecurities, often dipping into traumatic experiences from our past. With Sun in Aquarius sextiling Chiron on Wednesday, we should expect to find some distancing and detachment from how those traumas make us feel. The potential for growth if we stop to listen and pay attention, though, is worth the time given to us. Sextiles can bring active growth and potential in ways squares and trines cannot. There is more harmony in them and less angst. But that harmony, instead of being passive, is more active, thus allowing for positive movement in directions we need to go. So if you are willing to face the music, the lessons you may stumble upon on Wednesday could lead to uplifting breakthroughs regarding insecurities.


We slide into Cancer Moon territory Wednesday night, so any music we may have faced with the Sun-Chiron sextile is sure to stir us into a need for comfort and nourishing food for dinner. Be sure to take good care of yourself and your feelings Wednesday night by allowing yourself to unwind and unplug, at least from the outside world.


Thursday morning’s (February 2nd) Grand Water Trine between Venus in Pisces, Moon in Cancer, and Moon’s South Node in Scorpio all at 8° is going to bring us all into a space of emotional sensitivity. A good morning to retreat somehow, whether it is into our office, our bed, a walk, a swim, meditation, yoga, or anything that allows some solitude and quiet. The unfettered emotions stirring within each of us can act like tides that swell up and flood the streets of our feelings and thoughts. This is why solitude can act like a mirror upon our deepest feelings and all those emotional experiences we maybe haven’t fully processed. Make the time to look inward, and don’t be afraid to feel whatever emotions arise from within. Trust that it’s okay to feel however you naturally feel about whatever you haven’t worked through yet.


Friday, February 3rd, we continue on our sacred and personal emotional journey with Moon in Cancer trining Neptune in Pisces, bringing a much more spiritual element to the day. There is such a thin veil between our visceral world and the divine when Moon and Neptune are at play in the celestial fields surrounding us, especially when they are in water signs such as these. We feel the vulnerability and the fragility of life tapping at our window. Any grief we may not have faced completely can rush in and insist it be worked through more.


This element of grief and emotional vulnerability will fade into a more cerebral and detached approach to our evening as Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. The air and earth elements help us dry off from our deep sea plunge over the past two days, ushering in some sensibility and revelations to make sense of that plunge. Be careful, gradual, and graceful with how you emerge out of the sea Friday night, because we are going to likely feel like sharing all our feelings with someone. But Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto late in the evening, which can stir up situations we may regret if we don’t mindfully and tactfully introduce our feelings with them.


Saturday, February 4th, we find ourselves excited for the weekend with Moon now in playful and exuberant Leo. Find some fun and invigorating outdoor activities to physically work through our conceivably emotional week. As Moon comes around to trine Jupiter in Aries and then square Moon’s nodes in the afternoon, we are feeling quite energized and excited again about our projects, opportunities, and self-expression. The day could get away from us by way of adventures, vacation planning, or occupational ideas, but as Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini late in the evening, we are ready to face the realities of how those exciting ideas and adventures can play a role in transforming our relationships. How are we recognizing the value of adventure? Where can we sprinkle in some sense of fun into our lives, our friendships, our partnerships? Tensions may rise as we share our thoughts and ideas with each other, but if we remain open-hearted and open-minded, we can make some valuable changes in our thought processes.

Geoff brings a warm nurturing nature to his clients that helps them feel comfortable and at ease. If you would like more profound insight into how these transits are personally affecting you, you can contact Geoff for a private consultation at

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