April 24th - April 30th: The Dragon Brings Power 🐉

April 24th - April 30th: The Dragon Brings Power 🐉

Apr 21, 2022

There be dragons swooping in this week and they be magical. Rahu, in ancient Indian astrology, is the head of the dragon which will cause a new moon eclipse on April 30th.


An eclipse is a portal, a magic opening, and this partial solar eclipse in Taurus is full of Aphrodite's conjuring. Taurus is ruled by Venus... aka Aphrodite... is feminine and receptive. We are called to open and receive.


Receive what? We look to Venus as ruler of this eclipse. She is huddling with Jupiter and Neptune in the love-imbued sign of Pisces where she is exalted.


First, compassion for oneself. Being human isn't easy! Give yourself a break. Relax. Soften into kindness to yourself. That's the first step in this magical dragon energy.


Oscar and multi-Grammy winner Jon Batiste was awarded best album for 'We Are'. A perfect beacon of light for this time. First, we accept our human journey as full of challenges. Then we understand that we are all travelling this road together.


"We Are"... moving towards the Age of Aquarius. Not there yet. But this eclipse season is creating openings for us to feel our self worth... Taurus... and blend it intimately with others of like frequency... Scorpio. 


The Taurus-Scorpio axis is being activated by the dragon of the lunar nodes. At the next full moon, we will experience a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. That's the dragon's tail, the South Node, Ketu in Indian astrology.


What the dragon brings is power. Power to fully enjoy being Spirit as a human and bring that celebration into your community of friends and lovers.


What gifts do you bring?



Our astrologer, Laura Kenworthy, has been studying the patterns of the cosmic matrix for more than forty years.. The language of astrology came naturally for her but she was also fortunate enough to have had several masterful mentors including Rick Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche, Kelly Lee Phipps, Liz Greene, and most recently Adam Ellenbaas.  If you would like to have a personal reading, she can be reached at laurakenworthytucker@gmail.com. Learn to dance with the stars!

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