Oct 2, 2019
The old adage is true: time really flies when you're having fun! We've been friends with (and buying beautiful jewelry from) CB and Raj for over 20 years. We first met these awesome gentlemen in a colorful and chaotic marketplace, where we were drawn to them by their calm and positive attitudes in the midst of so much noise. While the vendors around them were loudly hawking their wares, CB and Raj's smiles and the excellent quality of their jewelry spoke even louder.
As we've worked and spent time with them over the years, we've come to really appreciate their consistency, kindness, and creativity in jewelry-making. Their jewelry is certified Fair Trade in Europe, and we love knowing that they believe in the importance of running a business that is up to fair trade standards, with a healthy and happy working environment where workers are paid fairly for the amazing work they do! 

In working with these two for so long, we have also spent a lot of time with them outside of the shop, and we love that we often go out to dinner or adventuring around town with them whenever we visit.  A couple of years ago, we noticed a picture of the four of us from 1997 (over 22 years ago!) hanging on their wall, and we were so honored and delighted that we just had to reenact it. Our long-running relationship with Raj and CB is based on a deep mutual respect, and it makes us feel so happy in our hearts to know that our relationship is special to them too!

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