Jan 2, 2020

Riya (Rabi's daughter), Rabi, Pete, and Carly (Pete's daughter). As a family-run business ourselves, we love working with other families!

 We met Mexicali maker Rabi over 20 years ago in Nepal, through a mutual friend who knew we would get along famously. Our friend was right, as Rabi is an awesome person to work with and (like us) loves to have FUN! Outside of our long working relationship, we've enjoyed many day trips and adventures with Rabi, attending parties and being welcomed to community events, celebrating Buddha's birthday, and gathering at his house to try his mom's famous raksi moonshine! 

While we would be happy just to call Rabi our friend, he is also someone we are incredibly proud to work with, as the quality of his creations is top-notch and he is very committed to creating a positive work environment for his employees. The fleece-lined wool accessories we get from Rabi are crafted in knitting circles rather than in a factory environment, which allows the artisans to spend more time with their children and complete their craft in a laid-back family-friendly environment. Rabi is known for treating his employees so well that they usually stay working with him for many years. The area where he lives is well-known for wool crafts, and there are many businesses talented knitters could work for, so that's saying something!

We look forward to many more years of working and adventures with Rabi, and continuing to share the fleece-lined wool awesomeness he and his artisan crew create with you! 

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