Sep 4, 2019

Meet the makers Maor, Elinor, and their wonderful staff of talented artisans! We always go to a special market in Bangkok that is a “hot spot” for international buyers looking for unique and non-mainstream clothing. There are a lot of vendors selling funky and off-beat styles with bold patterns and colors, often popular among European buyers. We’ve always enjoyed perusing these awesome clothing collections to get a sense of the newest styles and trends! Years ago, while waiting for an invoice from a long time supplier, we started chatting with the vendor next door—Elinor! She was new and just starting out, and fun conversation easily flowed. She welcomed us into her shop and showed us new and eclectic styles that were not displayed out front because other vendors had started copying her unique designs. In our talk, we found that we had mutual friends in the business. We started with one small order and have grown with them over the years!

It has been a joy working with Elinor and her partner Maor as their business has expanded from that small storefront to their current large sunlit factory, which provides good paying jobs and a positive working environment to many local people! As well as loving the awesomeness of their designs, we really appreciate that Elinor and Maor are so passionate about the ethical production of their products!

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