Oct 12, 2018

Meet Mexicali makers Bharat and Sadahana! We have been working with this mother/son team for over 10 years in the magical Holy City of Pushkar, India. We found their shop one day while exploring the city when the kids were young. The bright colors were so inviting, we were drawn right in. Little did we know that after walking in we would feel as though we were part of the family, and a long-time business relationship was just about to blossom!

Sadhana and Bharat have been providing Mexicali Blues with beautiful magic skirts since our first trip to Pushkar. Welcoming and kind--not to mention Sadhana being an amazing cook--it is a joy to stop by for chai and couple of laughs whenever we are in town!

Their incredible eye for picking out the prettiest and most colorful silk saris to upcycle has made the Mexicali Magic Skirt a long-time customer favorite. New on the scene are Mini Magic Skirts, which can double as a kid's magic skirt! Shop the mini magic skirt here.

Also coming soon for the Holiday season we will be offering the option for another cool thing they've crafted for us: free reusable recycled sari bags as an alternative to our recycled paper bags! Stay tuned for those coming soon to a Mexicali store near you!

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