Mar 13, 2019

On a morning walk in Bali, after having finished our buying, Pete spied some brightly colored batik “party shirts”. We were nearly out of time and had already used up our whole budget, but he said, "We HAVE to find a way to fit this happy clothing in!" Determined to get these into the Mexicali mix and in his closet, we came back with just a couple of hours before our flight to talk about an order.

We were warmly greeted by Ayu with limited English, a lovely smile, and eagerness to work with us, and thus our working relationship began! It is a joy doing business with women in a male-dominated society.  Despite the language barrier, laughs and smiles are always are in abundance when we get together for reordering the Mexicali favorite patchwork overalls, men’s shirts, and kids' tops too!

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