Meet the Maker: Deepak 🇮🇳

Dec 8, 2021


Deepak is a thoughtful man with kind eyes, a big heart, and a bright smile. Deriving from Sanskrit “source of light,” Deepak (दीपक ) is a Hindi word that literally translates to “lamp,” and it couldn’t be a better name for a human who shines their light so brightly on the world. Did we mention his poetic passion for making beautiful five point and seven point paper star lanterns? We didn’t know anything about the meaning of his name when a friend first introduced us in 1998, but we did drink chai, share laughter, do business, and become friends. Over 20 years later this friendship has led to many more cups of chai, picnics in the park, lots more laughter, and a strong business relationship that continues to evolve. 

Deepak doesn’t just shine his light on the city where he lives, but he seeks out artisans in rural areas of India to help make his handicrafts. As such, his craft empowers and employs countless communities all over the country. The attention to detail that is reflected in their handiwork results in products that are as beautiful as they are unique. We are proud to partner with makers like Deepak who celebrate the cultural traditions of their goods and enable us to responsibly share them with the world. 

Deepak is one of the many sources of Mexicali’s SMILE, not to mention being one of our main sources of light. Growing our businesses together, and watching our friendship flourish over the past 23 years has been incredible, and we look forward to sharing many more stories and smiles, and to continuing to illuminate the world with our ever brightening light.

Have Deepak’s paper star lanterns, ceramic knobs, or hooks ever brightened up your bedroom or beautified your business? Show us your starry lights and tag us @mexicaliblues ⭐️

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