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Sep 11, 2023

(Pete, Kim, Sujha, Chauncey, Rama, & Carly at Sujha's makerspace)


The mountainous city of Kathmandu is circled by the Chakra Path ring road, an elliptical 8 eight lane thoroughfare that surrounds the ancient city. The Chakra Path is a hustling and bustling mass of colorful painted diesel trucks and buses, cars of all shapes and colors, motorcycles, rickshaws, bicycles, monkeys, dogs, and the occasional psychedelic tractor. Intersecting the ring road is the Tokha road, where you can find Sujha and all of his makers. With an eye for funky designs and a love for patterns and textures of all sorts, Sujha leads a group of masters and makers that are European Fair Trade Certified.

Sujha is not just a great designer, he is also a yogi, a father, an avid naturalist, and is very involved in giving back to his employees and local community. He also has a bountiful organic garden on the outskirts of Kathmandu, well beyond the ring road, on its very own “chakra path” where he sometimes leads spiritual retreats. Together with Sujha and his talented makers we crafted a line of retro inspired designs using deadstock corduroy and tie dye denim. We named the Tokha Line after the Tokha Road where it was created and all of the people that helped us create it.  

What is deadstock, you might ask? Deadstock is leftover fabric from designers and fashion houses. Due to small quantities, deadstock is often thrown away in landfills, or builds up dust and cobwebs in abandoned warehouses. Utilizing deadstock fabric is a way of overcoming fast fashion, making the most of materials that would otherwise be ignored or abandoned. Not only did we use deadstock material in this line, we also asked Sujha to upcycle all of the corduroy fabric scraps into our Tokha Patchwork Corduroy Vest and Tokha Patchwork Bucket Hat.  

Check out the rest of our Mexicali Colorblock Corduroy from Sujha and his makers or align your energy and check out our Chakra Collection. Maybe you want to mix and match some more of our Patchwork Clothing or check out our eco-minded Upcycled, Recycled, and Reclaimed wares from around the world. We hope that you find your own “chakra path” whether it’s high in the Himalayas, on the ocean, in a city, or in the forest.


Namaste 🙏
Mexicali Blues

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