Meet the Maker: Fernando 🇵🇪

Meet the Maker: Fernando 🇵🇪

Sep 9, 2021

Peru is a place of wonder, marinated in the magical history of the ancient Mayan civilization, full of archaeological bounty, and brimming with natural beauty from the beautiful Andes to the Amazon. It is also home to one of our oldest friends and vendors, Fernando. Fernando first came to Maine to study abroad in high school, and, not knowing what he would encounter, he packed his bags full of Peruvian jewelry. Using his charm, he quickly sold it all and recognized a market for South American wares in the Northeast, and asked his family to send him more. During this time, Fernando met Eric, one of the original co-founders of Mexicali, and the rest is history. Thanks to Fernando, Mexicali has been carrying groovy goods from Peru since the first year they opened. Over the past thirty-three years, this business handshake has turned into a hug, and these hugs have taken the form of hand-kit alpaca sweaters that are as cozy as they are beautiful. 

Fernando is an avid surfer, tennis player, and dancer. In fact, when he first moved to Maine, he had a disco in his basement. Now he spends his time split between here and there, dancing between the land of lobster and the land of alpaca, working with friends and family to send beautiful handicrafts back to vacationland. He runs his export business with his son Fernando, and together they keep a steady supply of Peruvian jewelry and Alpaca sweaters to Mexicali and much of Maine along with the help of two friends, Alejandro & Cesar in Lima. Together, they create and curate some of the highest quality, and most comfortable Alpaca sweaters in the world. "Why do you need an alpaca sweater?", you may ask. If you know, you know, and you don't need one, you need at least two. Find one of Fernando's beautiful Peruvian alpaca sweaters here (¡aqui!).

We look forward to many more years of business with Fernando and Fernando, and to our families working together to bring a splash of South American style to the state of Maine and beyond. 

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