Meet the Maker: Dallas 🌈

Meet the Maker: Dallas 🌈

Jan 6, 2022

“Tie dye is color, joy, experimentation, wearing your heart on your sleeve (literally!). The tie dye tribe is a good vibe tribe ✌️” 

We are over the moon to introduce you to our newest maker Dallas, a bright soul brimming with positive vibes whose glass is half full, and we would be willing to bet our socks it's tie dyed.  Dallas is originally from planet earth, New Jersey to be exact, but her education took her into orbit around the big apple where she ended up for the beginning of her professional life. Eventually, her satellite was drawn in by the loving gravity of family and she ended up in Neptune, New Jersey which she now calls home.

Dallas’ introduction to tie dye was through her dad, a self-proclaimed “Dead Head Emeritus” who wore his love for the band on his sleeve, and on his t-shirts. Dallas’ was enchanted by the dancing bears, the bright colors, and quickly became a sunshine daydreamer. Whereas Dallas has always loved colors (p.s. her favorite color is Turquoise), she has her Gratefully Deadicated dad to thank for starting her on her artistic path with a colorful palette in hand.

The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a painter. Later, it was a writer. I try to keep art in my life, and channel that appreciation for beauty and self expression. It gives me the courage I had as a kid, when anything was possible, my dreams were big, and I wanted to be Picasso."

The art of tie dye is a recent addition to Dallas’ life, and it wasn’t always sunshine daydreams. Dallas willingly admits that her first forays into tie dying as a child were underwhelming, and her first shirt was “sort of a faint blue nothing,” but good designs come to those that wait. A few years ago she bought a tie dye kit and dove back into the colorful art with her kids. Whereas they got bored after one dye, Dallas couldn’t get enough of it and found herself rummaging through the house looking for any light colored fabrics to dye and beautify. In an effort to get the last drops of color out of the kit, she happened upon a pair of her husband’s socks and… voila, a lightbulb moment that led to a career change and countless happy dancing feet from Neptune to Maine!

While Dallas does admit that in fashion there is such a thing as too much color, her beautiful bright tie dye socks are the perfect “#lowkeyflex.” There's nothing like a little tie dye rainbow in your boots on a rainy day, or a splash of color tucked away beneath the hem of your pants for when you need it most. Each pair of her socks is accompanied by a unique hand collaged message that will further help brighten your day, and we thank Dallas for shining her light on this world through her art.


Oh, did we mention that the aforementioned loving family gravity also pulls Dallas all the way up to Bangor, Maine to visit her aunt and uncle? Below you will see her (right) accompanied by our equally awesome manager Julie (left) in front of a psychedelic sock display in the Bangor store. Neptune is only four planets away from earth, and Maine is only four states away from New Jersey.  Is that a sign from the cosmos? We have only had Dallas as a maker for just under a year, but she has been shopping with us for over a decade and feels like an old friend. You know what they say… the tie dye tribe is a good vibe tribe, and we’re excited to be dancing under the same moon as Dallas with some splashes of color keeping our soles stylish and our souls inspired ✌️


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