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Natural Hemp Belt


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This unisex hemp woven belt is an awesome accessory for accenting your favorite pants, skirts, or even cinching a flowing top or dress.The rustic macrame-like weave allows you to fasten the belt anywhere along its length, allowing for an easily adjustable fit that will suit all sizes and styles. Rustically woven from natural hemp, this is a bohemian fashion statement-maker that is sure to please! 

Hemp crops are environmentally friendly and can be grown in most locations. Hemp can be used to create paper, textiles, building materials, food, medicine, paint, detergent, varnish, oil, ink, fuel and even biodegradable plastics.

  • 100% hemp
Width: 1 3/4"

PLACE: Nepal

We travel the world to source unique and handmade items. In Nepal, that means trekking across breathtaking mountain vistas, strolling with Tibetan Buddhist monks and sharing meals—and stories—in the warm and welcoming homes of our Nepalese friends. As we fill our stores with goods from Nepal, Nepal fills our spirits.


Over the past two years, we've donated over $50,000 (all thanks to our customers!) to the dZi Foundation in order to help build earthquake-proof schools in remote Nepal.


Pete is proud of never bargaining the price he is given and always paying artisans for their skill and hard work. We see for ourselves how our goods are made and we work with the people who make them to keep items affordable and workshop wages fair.


We forge long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with the artisans who handcraft our products. Pete and Kim have known many of our vendors for over a decade! Buying trips to workshops are chances to catch up with old friends and make new memories.

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