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      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

      Here at Mexicali we strongly believe that Green is Good!

      We power our flagship store, offices, and warehouse with solar power.

      To check out how much power we generate CLICK HERE. To read about our project, click HERE.

      All in-store Mexicali bags and boxes are 100% post-consumer recycled, and our shipments contain biodegradable packing peanuts. Moreover, we reuse paper products and packaging whenever possible & responsibly recycle all unusable paper, plastic, and glass products at all of our locations.

      We also provide a variety of post-consumer recycled products for our eco-conscious customers. These goods range from skirts, scarves, headbands, and yarn made out of recycled silk, to recycled glass globe ornaments, to radiant rag rugs made out of recycled fibers! Similarly, all of our Baja Hoodies are made of 100% recycled material, so when you’re rocking one you will look good and feel good too!

      Responsible Imports

      At Mexicali Blues we strive to source all of our wares sustainably and equitably. Mexicali owners Pete and Kim employ quality control by personally visiting manufacturing facilities across the globe to ensure that workplaces provide fair labor conditions. During these visits they make sure that workers are healthy and happy, and that no child labor is employed. While Mexicali works with numerous manufacturers and vendors who are Fair Trade and Organic certified, the cost of the certification process poses a financial barrier for many of our commercial associates. For this reason we support their economic growth and development through our continued business, so they can one day label their Fair Trade and Organic goods as such!

      We have HEMP!

      We stock a variety of hemp products, from hacky sacks to a variety of hats, from lip balm to backpacks, from belts to bags! Heres why hemp is hot: hemp is considered on many levels to be a more sustainable crop when compared to traditional fabric and fibers. It requires little water to cultivate, is pest-tolerant (no need for pesticides), and more of the plant is usable than similar fibrous crops, such as the seeds which are made into hemp oil (which is then made into products like our Maine-made Mexicali Lip Love lip balm!).

      Made in Maine

      We carry a variety of merchandise that is made in our home state of Maine, such as our Mexicali Lip Love lip balm and various lines of t-shirts that are printed in Portland (including some of our friend’s line of shirts at Live Maine). Although we are an international import business, we recognize the importance of going local when we can, and we think you should too.  Support Maine business!

      Charitable Donations

      Mexicali Blues believes in spreading the love and we support Community Development, Educational, Environmental, Equality, Health, & Social Services organizations in the state of Maine by making regular donations to groups such as:

      Damariscotta Lions Club, Camp Ketcha, Coastal Kids, Lincoln County Spark, Karl’s Kids, Lincoln County Community Theater, Portland Downtown District; King Middle School, Hall Elementary School, Lyman Moore Middle School, Brewer Community School, Orono HS, Windham HS, Lincoln Academy Booster Club; Damariscotta River Association, Edward A. Myers Marine Conservation Fund, Hidden Valley Nature Center, Running of the Alewive; Friends of Thai Daughters, GIRLS Retreat, Lincoln County Animal Shelter, Portland Women’s Rugby, UMaine Pride Week; American Lung Association of Maine, Bonny Eagle MS Foundation, Hike for Health, Purple Iris Foundation, Trek Across Maine; Damariscotta PD, Freeport Fire Department, Freeport PD,  Raymond Fire Department, Newcastle Fire Department… to name a few.