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      In accordance with Maine state requirements, and for the safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff, we have implemented the following guidelines for in-store shoppers: 

      1. Everyone must wear a mask at all times within our stores. No exceptions.
      2. Credit cards only, no cash.
      3. Sanitize your hands before you start shopping. (We provide this in every store)
      4. Only 5-20 people may shop in the store at once per state policy. (Store dependent!)
      5. Shop safely - touchless. It's good for your Karma!
      6. Be timely - Someone may be waiting to shop!
      7. No dressing rooms per state policy.
      8. Any returns will be processed after 72 hours.
      9. Please remain 6ft apart from other customers and staff.

      Store Hours:

      Store Capacity: 20 People
      Store Hours

      Store Capacity: 10 People
      Store Hours

        Store Capacity: 5 People
        Store Hours

          Store Capacity: 15 People
          Store Hours

            Store Capacity: 15 People
            Store Hours