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Feather Print Harmony Gaucho Pants


Harmony Halter Top


Hemp Chakra Yoga Mat Bag


Racerback Tank Top with Chakra Print


Criss Cross Drishti Top


Tie Dye Leggings

$14.00 $28.00

Yantra Yoga Wrap Top


Kapasa Drawstring Meditation Pants


Brass Singing Prayer Bowl


Drishti Flare Yoga Pants


Thai Fisherman's Pants


Kathmandu Stone Wash Cargo Pants


Chakra Singing Bowl With Silk Case


Yantra Yoga Flow Tank Top


Gherry Patch Yoga Mat Bag


Drishti Cropped Tie Dye Flare Yoga Pants


Recycled Mexican Falsa Blanket


Yantra Swing Dress


Zen Hand Knotted Beaded Gemstone Necklace


Traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags


Chakra Leggings

$22.50 $45.00

Gifts for a Yoga Lover

Mexicali Blues has chosen the perfect gift for a yogi, so you don't have to. Get them something that will compliment their style as they do their asanas. A variety of unisex yoga pants that can fit many body types or some stretchy yoga tops, hemp yoga mat bags from Nepal, and a variety of international decor to add some color and culture to any shala.
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