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Moon Phase Calendar


7 Point Paper Star Lantern


Macrame Plant Holder


Peace Flags


Beaded String of Fabric Shapes Wall Hanging


Paper Globe Lantern


Recycled Mexican Falsa Blanket


Brass Singing Prayer Bowl


Tibetan Prayer Flag Gift Pack


Set of Guatemalan Worry Dolls


Elemental Peace Tapestry


Good Morning Celestial Sun and Moon Tapestry


Peacock Mandala Tapestry


Zen Hand Knotted Beaded Gemstone Necklace


Recycled Patchwork Sari Valance


3x3 Ceramic Tile Hook


Recycled Silk Sari Toran Flags


Larkya Wool Tasseled Leg Warmers


Larkya Wool Fingerless Gloves


Larkya Wool Headband


Gifts for a Teacher

Whether they use some tapestries or paper lanterns to decorate the classroom, gemstone beads for counting, a lunar phase calendar to teach about the moon, prayer bowls to calm the class down, worry dolls to give to students, or falsa blankets for nap time, we picked an international collection of the best gifts for teachers. What better way to teach culture than with colorful gifts from all over the globe?
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