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      Lunar Phase Calendar and 2020’s Blue Moon

      Lunar Phase Calendar and 2020’s Blue Moon

      This post is in honor of this spooky season and the double full moon appearance we have this month! The Blue Moon is the second full moon in one month. It is quite a rare event, and there will not be another one until next year! Read on to find out about the lunar phases, and how you can easily know if a blue moon will be happening in a certain year.

      Lunar Phase Calendar

      We love our Lunar Phase Calendars for brightening up any space and keeping track of the moon! Did you know that the moon affects the tides and also the motion & orbit of the earth? The moon doesn’t orbit around the center of the earth either, they both revolve around the center of their masses. The way we view the moon depends on the angle in which the light from the sun hits the moon, not because of the earth blocking the sun’s rays!

      There are many mythologies, superstitions, and religious beliefs surrounding the moon and its phases. There are eight distinct lunar phases. Our 2021 Lunar Calendar shows the phase of the moon for each day in an easy to interpret visual style. Below are the eight phases along with some feelings people tend to have during that time, as well as the seasonal changes the phases relate to.

      New Moon


      New Moon: new beginnings, fresh start, self-centered, question the status quo


      Waxing Crescent


      Crescent Moon: intention, wishes, new ideas, impulses 




      First Quarter: challenges, decisions, action, exert all effort to achieve goals



      Waxing Gibbous: adjust, redefine, analyze, edit, crave perfection




      Full Moon: completed, aware of your effect on others, objective




      Waning Gibbous: gratitude, sharing (especially knowledge), enthusiasm



      Last Quarter Moon: release, forgiveness, “tearing down the old to prepare for the new”



      Waning Crescent: rest & recuperate, feeling alienated, strike out on your own



      Many people are unaware that some of the holidays we celebrate are based on the ancient Lunar Calendar. For example, Easter is calculated as the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring Equinox. The holy month of Ramadan begins at the sighting of a new crescent moon.

      We love watching the moon as it changes from night to night, and often feel its energies.  Do you ever notice that animals start acting crazy around the full moon?  Studies show that this happens to people as well, as hospital emergency rooms get a LOT of business when the moon is full.

      Keep track of the moon and its phases with a lunar calendar, and see how it affects you and the people and critters in your life!  It could be enlightening!

      Have some great moon content? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We love chatting with our community and want to hear your experiences!

      Looking for something fun to do? Gather your bubble of friends and have a Mexicali blues photo shoot! If you enter your photos in our monthly photo contest, you could win even more Mex Merch! Find more details here.

      June 21st: ENERGY + ASTROLOGY: New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer

      June 21st: ENERGY + ASTROLOGY: New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Cancer


      With a solar eclipse and new moon happening simultaneously this gives off more power and influence in the skies. If you take a look at the star chart below, you’ll see the Sun and Moon next to each other which is called “Sun conjunct Moon.” This is one of the most influential blends of powers in the sky, and draws focus on the personal areas of your life. What happens in the skies is reflected in your own life—you may find yourself focused on your personal relationships, and the important women in your life come into sharper focus. If there are past grievances to heal, now is the time to reach out. You may find that an old friend wants to make amends during this time. Be sure to respond with openness and without hatred in your heart, for no healing or learning can take place otherwise.


      There’s no doubt there’s a sense of imbalance in our lives right now. The planets are encouraging us to focus on the importance of flexibility and our ability to adapt as humans. If you’re feeling unwell, taking time off of work to heal has the potential to cause backlash in your professional life; but additional responsibilities at work could mean that you won't be able to participate in the important moments that your friends and family want you to be part of. Finding time for both might be impossible, but learning to compromise in some areas could lend itself to be helpful. Pay attention to what is taking up your time, and take initiative to root out activities that encourage procrastination. Keep your priorities and responsibilities at the forefront of your agenda.

      The new moon is the time of the month when the moon steps back to let the stars shine. Follow the moon’s lead with the enthusiasm of the fixed star Mekalinan, located on the left shoulder of the Charioteer in the Auriga Constellation, but do so without the impulse and recklessness that can come with this energy. It is important to remember themes from the lunar eclipse on June 5th to see how they continue to impact the energies provided with this new moon. 



      Eclipse season begins today with a New Moon and partial solar eclipse in Cancer! This eclipse is the first of three this summer, with the following two coming July 27th and August 11th. Solar eclipses are always a time of change, shaking and waking up parts of your life that have been stagnant, whether you’re ready and expecting it or not! These powerful lunations will all be dancing on the axis of Cancer-Capricorn, drawing our attention to issues like: dependency vs. self-sufficiency, emotion vs. reality, comfort vs. responsibility, or mother vs. father. Maybe it brings up issues with our own parents, or the way we self-parent ourselves as adults.

      Cancer (ruled by the beautiful and benevolent Moon) represents the mothering, nurturing side of our personalities, while Capricorn (ruled by stern and strict Saturn) represents the fathering, disciplining side. Cancer values emotional safety and comfort above all else, doing whatever it takes to make us feel OK, often using patterns and behaviors that have worked in the past to relieve emotional discomfort. Capricorn values self-sufficiency more than vulnerability, and would rather show us how to be stronger and more skilled in order to take better care of ourselves in the future. These two contrasting approaches compliment one another when in balance, but it’s very hard to be completely balanced where emotion vs. pragmatism is concerned! The best we can do, at this juncture, is to try to treat ourselves lovingly while keeping the bigger picture in mind—recognizing that there can be no true nurturing without discipline, and that our goals and ambitions do also need to be tempered with self-care.

      At this New Moon, we are guided to a rebirth of some kind. We are asked to honor the changes that have taken place within us over the past few years of cosmic and earthly upheaval, and to reassess who we are now and what we truly want for our lives at this point. Is it time to stop walking a path that we’ve been on for a long time that no longer serves us? Is it time to release habits that once brought us comfort but have outlived their usefulness? If you've been neglecting an aspect of your life, you can expect it to come to the surface during this eclipse cycle. . . so whatever pops up, you're being called to consider it in this context. As this is just the first of the Cancer Eclipses, the energy and exploration that we begin to experience now is going to continue to grow and develop over the next couple of months, leading us to reach new heights and learn new things. Just as the crab outgrows its shell, we, too, are in the process of shedding an old way of being and stepping forward into a more mindful, healthy, and positive future. 

      ••Want to learn more about how this lunation affects YOU? You can get a better picture of what part of your life you may be feeling these energies in by checking out where Cancer and Capricorn fall in your chart (as well as if you have any planets or asteroids in those signs). both have excellent free resources for creating your own astrological chart!••



      June 28th is a Full Moon in Capricorn!  Nobody will ever tell you that Capricorn’s forté is feelings, and this Saturn-ruled sign is the zodiac’s task-master, pushing us to ground and actualize our ideas by focusing attention and taking concrete steps toward our goals.  With its ruling planet in retrograde right next to this Full Moon, the Saturnian vibes that challenge us to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions (or lack of actions) are extra strong. It is possible that during the next couple of weeks, we will be feeling more serious, fearful, guilty, or restricted than usual. Saturn is a stern teacher who imposes rules and limits to get us on a positive track, which is ultimately helpful but really not any fun.  In Greek mythology, Saturn was also known as Cronus, the god of time and “devourer of freedom”.  We may find ourselves particularly struggling with time, having trouble using it the way we want, not being late to appointments, etc.  We are invited right now to ask ourselves what we are doing to move us toward the things we want, and to look at the ways we avoid responsibility.  If we’re not big on self-enquiry, we may find that we are called out on these things by someone else! 

      Whether we come to recognition on our own or through external feedback, this lunation offers a powerful opportunity to witness ourselves and our situations clearly and unemotionally, to take logical stock of what we're working with, what can help us grow, and what is best left behind. A harmonious aspect with Uranus (the planet of upheaval and swift change) brings chance encounters and opportunities to break free of restrictions or behaviors that we can witness now as unhealthy/unhelpful, though this energy is not as strong as the Saturn+Capricorn Moon enforcer vibes.  It will likely be very difficult to jump on an impulsive Uranian lightning bolt and zoom away, but it isn't impossible. If you can go for it, it might end up turning everything upside-down in a really awesome way!  

      Contributing to the difficulty of following a potentially disruptive impulse is that Capricorn/Saturn can make us feel extra cautious as we resonate with all of the logistics and possible pitfalls.  If we're not feeling ready to move on something just yet, this is still a beautiful and powerful time to devote attention to planning. You'll find it easier than usual to break a big idea down step-by-step, and find your way to recognizing all the unglamorous but important daily tasks that it requires to get you where you want to go.  Try brainstorming on paper in an organized way; charts and tables can be your friends right now.  Make it less austere of a project by burning some magical incense while you write, listening to groovy wordless tunes, and using colored pens or pencils!  Do whatever you need to, to remind yourself--even if this part is tedious and kind of dull--that this is ultimately in service of aiming the arrow of your life where your heart really wants to go! <3



      It’s a New Moon in Gemini!  This lunation highlights our words and how we use them, showing us the duality of both their power and their limits. No matter how intentional you are with your words and tonality of expression at this time, you may find that your conversations veer off course in unanticipated ways. We do have to TRY to communicate with high levels of consciousness, integrity, and discernment right now, and also be ready to stop and listen to the words of others without fighting or talking over them. Gemini’s masterful communication powers go both ways, so listening more in a heated conversation will serve you well. It’s also a great time to sing! If you don’t think you’re a good singer, just turn up your favorite music so loud that you can’t hear yourself and let it flow. Be conscious right now of what you say you ARE. Do you say things like, “I’m bad at math” or “I’m always late”? Use the energy of this moon to catch yourself when engaging in self-talk that reinforces negative stories and try to say something—anything!—positive about yourself instead. We are called to look at the way our communication affects our emotions, to get curious and explore anything that comes up. This is less a time to lay down a foundation and more a moment to “look around, look around…(how lucky we are to be alive right now!)”, and learn what we can in service of what is to come. It IS a good time to manifest, so tonight is a particularly potent time to write down a positively worded list of things you’d like to cultivate in your life in the coming months!   <3



      It’s a New Moon in Taurus! While a lunation in this earthy sign would usually bring energies of slow and steady grounding, Uranus—the planet of upheaval and sudden change—closely follows the moon right into Taurus and shakes things up (in a way that will likely be very surprising and utterly impossible to predict). Uranus hasn’t […]

      The post MAY 15TH ASTROLOGY & ENERGY: NEW MOON IN TAURUS appeared first on Mexicali Blues Blog.

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