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      Kyanite comes from the Greek word, “Kyanos”, meaning blue.  This unique gemstone stimulates intuition and higher psychic energy, as well as the ability to communicate about these things.  An excellent stone for meditation, kyanite has a gentle and balanced energy that can amplify the chakra-aligning powers of mindful chakra-focused meditation.  If you would like to try it in this way, try this chakra meditation while holding a piece of kyanite:

      • Visualize each of the seven primary chakras as colored wheels of spinning light (if you are completely new to chakras, and perhaps aren’t sure what those colors should be, check out our chakra guide).
      • Imagine roots growing down from your torso, grounding and connecting you with the earth.
      • Visualize cleansing white light coming up those roots and into your body, spinning into each chakra in turn, swirling with the turning of each chakra wheel.  Imagine this light cleansing and rejuvenating each one.  Breathe slowly and imagine that as each chakra is cleansed, it shines a bit brighter in its color.
      • Once you have reached the crown chakra, move the light back down the same way, through each chakra, bringing healing energy to every one.
      • You can repeat this as many times as you want.
      • When you are ready for your meditation to come to a close, imagine the roots you grew from your tailbone shrinking and coming back up into your body, bringing with them the positive grounded energy from Mother Earth.  Be sure to focus your mind on sending out some gratitude for that before you leave your meditation zone and return to regular waking life!

      While kyanite can be used to cleanse all of the chakras, it particularly corresponds to the throat chakra, improving communication through creating clarity of intention.  If you ever feel muddled and don’t know how to say what you want to say, or how to express a certain way you are feeling, kyanite is the stone for you!  Kyanite energy does this by drawing your awareness inward, closer to the core of who you are, and strengthening your will and vision so you are able to act and communicate from the sacred center of your being.  

      One of the greatest qualities of Kyanite is that it does not absorb negative energies when you use it for healing.   It is also a good gemstone to help you interpret and understand your dreams. Try sleeping with a piece of kyanite under your pillow and make note of what your dreams tell you!

      In the world of Astrology, kyanite is connected with the Taurus zodiac signs.  The energetic alignment powers of kyanite are effective and accessible even outside of meditation.  When you wear kyanite jewelry or carry it with you, it is constantly “smoothing out” all the subtle bodies of energy around you, creating a larger and stronger aura.  The longer you wear kyanite jewelry, the more you infuse it with your own energies and the more powerfully positive it becomes–elevating the level of good vibrations within your energy field.

      Visit our website for a plethora of pretty gemstone jewelry, or visit any of our stores in Maine to see the potent and powerful beauty of this stunning gem, available at Mexicali in unique (often one-of-a-kind) shapes and settings. The gorgeous kyanite pieces in this picture can be found today in our Freeport store.