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Holi with Anil

MEXICALI MAKERS: Over 20 Years of Friendship in Jaipur, India!

Sorting through recycled silk curtains in Jaipur, India!


Meet the Mexicali Blues Makers; Anil, Gopal, his son Nikhil, and Diksha! One of our longest vendor relationships and most valued friends, we met Anil through a mutual friend on the very first day we were in India TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO! Time really flies when you’re having fun, and it continues to be such a pleasure to work with and spend time with Anil and his family, who have become wonderful friends over the past two decades. Our visit this year was cut short but we know it will be just like old times when we go back to visit.
Carly and Diksha picking out block printed textiles together!
Our children grew up playing with his children, and we are all so happy that now our two daughters are working together as part of our respective family businesses! Carly and Diksha working together feels even more special because women working together in this sort of business is not the norm in the male-dominated culture of India, though things are thankfully changing. When they first met and played together at Rajasthani themed village Chokhi Dhani many years ago, they had no idea that this beautiful future was where the path would lead them!
 Carly sipping customary "chai before we buy!"
Both of our businesses started small and have grown over the years, and we always go to them for many of the uniquely magical textiles that we sell in our stores. Specializing in the traditional art of block printing, they are keeping an ancient art technique alive! We are proud to work with Anil, Gopal, Nikhil, and Diksha, both for the quality of their artistry and the fact that they also believe that a happy healthy working environment where artisans are paid fairly for their skills is paramount. On top of having such a positive business relationship, it is one that is based in true friendship.  From sharing delicious home-cooked meals to celebrating traditional Indian festivals like Holi, when we get together we get work done while having FUN (and that’s the most important thing!)

Shop Anil and Diksha's Collection here!

Check out Diksha and Carly's tour of the factory: 



Meet Mexicali makers Bharat and Sadahana! We have been working with this mother/son team for over 10 years in the magical Holy City of Pushkar, India. We found their shop one day while exploring the city when the kids were young. The bright colors were so inviting, we were drawn right in. Little did we know that after walking in we would feel as though we were part of the family, and a long-time business relationship was just about to blossom!

Sadhana and Bharat have been providing Mexicali Blues with beautiful magic skirts since our first trip to Pushkar. Welcoming and kind--not to mention Sadhana being an amazing cook--it is a joy to stop by for chai and couple of laughs whenever we are in town!

Their incredible eye for picking out the prettiest and most colorful silk saris to upcycle has made the Mexicali Magic Skirt a long-time customer favorite. New on the scene are Mini Magic Skirts, which can double as a kid's magic skirt! Shop the mini magic skirt here.

Also coming soon for the Holiday season we will be offering the option for another cool thing they've crafted for us: free reusable recycled sari bags as an alternative to our recycled paper bags! Stay tuned for those coming soon to a Mexicali store near you!

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