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      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Full Moon in Cancer

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Full Moon in Cancer

      The last Full Moon of 2020 will rise in the sign of Cancer on December 29th, 2020. It will remind us to find some kind of connection to the happiest memories we associate with home. Since Cancer tends to rule the tender-hearted and compassionate, you can expect to feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and the desire to belong somewhere. Keep in mind that the Sun entered Capricorn on the 22nd which puts the responsibility to fulfil your desires into your own hands. While what you desire might not fall instantly into your lap, there is a chance for you to make it happen–with extra patience and caution to do so responsibly.


      What this moon means for Fire Signs: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

      Through the last New Moon you might have been feeling bubbly and ready to engage with those around you–something you haven’t felt in quite some time. Now that you’ve taken a moment to recharge your outgoing energy, express gratitude for those connections and focus on the joy they brought before setting back into a time of self-reflection.

      What this moon means for Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

      Did you make your boundaries clear and stick to them last moon cycle? If you find you still need to advocate for yourself in certain situations then this full moon energy will help you reach your goals. If someone still isn’t respecting your boundaries then it might be time to find a kind way of addressing or letting go of the toxic energy.

      What this moon means for Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

      It’s all about letting go this time around. Whether that means setting aside time when you don’t have to constantly think about your career, or else purging the clutter in your life which is only causing you more stress. Making room will allow you to encourage and nurture a healthier lifestyle for you and yours.

      What this moon means for Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

      Nurturing is second nature for you but while this full moon lights up that deep and tender side of you, be cautious of those who will take more than you can give. Perhaps it’s a person, perhaps it’s a passion project. Regardless, protect yourself from investing in the wrong one. 



      Halloween night gives rise to the Blue Moon of October this year! Yes, it’s the second full moon of the month and we are lucky enough to have it with us on All Hallows Eve!

      Revolution is in the air with our second Blue Moon due to its proximity to Uranus. It might not mean revolution in the way you’re thinking of it however. Uranus represents unforeseeable change and these uncertainties may cause a sense of anxiety–but honestly, what hasn’t these days?

      During these strange moments, we remind you to embrace the moon cycle and think back to the goals you set at the new moon. The smallest of intentions can make the biggest difference when it comes to your goals and wellbeing. Sometimes it’s better to set smaller intentions because they can be more easily attainable. Try not to be discouraged by sudden changes or unexpected events–especially if it involves your close relationships. Those that are true and strong will always be there on the other side of a difficult time.

      Have understanding when it comes to a conflict of opinion and know that everyone is only acting out of their own experience. It is important for everyone to feel heard, understood and validated. Watch your actions and reactions closely to be sure you’re not taking this right away from anyone, even if their views don’t align with your own.

      All of this is possible this month because Mercury is still in Retrograde. Pay extra close attention to how you interact with those in your inner circle. The presence of a strong relationship with someone should not be taken for granted during this trying time. Show your support without expecting anything in return and if it’s necessary, give some space to those who might need it. 

      If you are still anxious, do some deep breathing exercises and have a good meal. As someone wise once said, “Never try to change the world on an empty stomach.” And remember that we're all in this together!

      Learn more about the moon and its phases here. Track the moon phases with our handmade Lunar Phase Calendar!

      Need a last minute costume idea? We came up with a few ideas!

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      Lunar Phase Calendar and 2020’s Blue Moon

      Lunar Phase Calendar and 2020’s Blue Moon

      This post is in honor of this spooky season and the double full moon appearance we have this month! The Blue Moon is the second full moon in one month. It is quite a rare event, and there will not be another one until next year! Read on to find out about the lunar phases, and how you can easily know if a blue moon will be happening in a certain year.

      Lunar Phase Calendar

      We love our Lunar Phase Calendars for brightening up any space and keeping track of the moon! Did you know that the moon affects the tides and also the motion & orbit of the earth? The moon doesn’t orbit around the center of the earth either, they both revolve around the center of their masses. The way we view the moon depends on the angle in which the light from the sun hits the moon, not because of the earth blocking the sun’s rays!

      There are many mythologies, superstitions, and religious beliefs surrounding the moon and its phases. There are eight distinct lunar phases. Our 2021 Lunar Calendar shows the phase of the moon for each day in an easy to interpret visual style. Below are the eight phases along with some feelings people tend to have during that time, as well as the seasonal changes the phases relate to.

      New Moon


      New Moon: new beginnings, fresh start, self-centered, question the status quo


      Waxing Crescent


      Crescent Moon: intention, wishes, new ideas, impulses 




      First Quarter: challenges, decisions, action, exert all effort to achieve goals



      Waxing Gibbous: adjust, redefine, analyze, edit, crave perfection




      Full Moon: completed, aware of your effect on others, objective




      Waning Gibbous: gratitude, sharing (especially knowledge), enthusiasm



      Last Quarter Moon: release, forgiveness, “tearing down the old to prepare for the new”



      Waning Crescent: rest & recuperate, feeling alienated, strike out on your own



      Many people are unaware that some of the holidays we celebrate are based on the ancient Lunar Calendar. For example, Easter is calculated as the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring Equinox. The holy month of Ramadan begins at the sighting of a new crescent moon.

      We love watching the moon as it changes from night to night, and often feel its energies.  Do you ever notice that animals start acting crazy around the full moon?  Studies show that this happens to people as well, as hospital emergency rooms get a LOT of business when the moon is full.

      Keep track of the moon and its phases with a lunar calendar, and see how it affects you and the people and critters in your life!  It could be enlightening!

      Have some great moon content? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We love chatting with our community and want to hear your experiences!

      Looking for something fun to do? Gather your bubble of friends and have a Mexicali blues photo shoot! If you enter your photos in our monthly photo contest, you could win even more Mex Merch! Find more details here.



      The lunar activities this month are full to the brim with excitement. We are lucky enough to experience two Full Moons in October, the second of which will be rising on Halloween night! But before we get that far ahead, let’s explore what tomorrow's lunar beauty has in store for us.

      The first Full Moon of October rises in the Aries constellation on October 1st. The other players in this cosmic dance have some influence over our behaviors as well. The Sun quincunx Uranus might have some of us feeling a little uneasy. Maybe switch to a lower caffeine tea this week instead of the usual cup of coffee in the morning. It might help if you find you’re unable to relax with the electrifying energy build up coming from the cosmos. 

      Don’t be afraid of change this month. As the artist, Sam Weiss, once said, “Change is not a force to be feared, but an opportunity to be seized!” 

      Whether your plans have changed without notice, or there’s a new person joining your team. It’s common to be anxious about these occurrences as you’re not sure how the new energy will affect your immediate environment. It is in these moments when your flexibility and open mindedness is crucial to help you and those within your support system to have a positive experience.

      If you find you’re inconsolably against the change that is coming, or have already altered your comfortable routine, take a step back and try to view your position from another’s perspective. You may find there are details you would have otherwise missed that help you see where you can still maintain your comfort.

      Remember that a rash reaction made without consideration to those around you could have damaging effects on your personal and professional relationships. Hopefully those in your life have the kindness and sight to see through such behavior, but don’t count on this––especially if you’re prone to such outbursts. We never know what will be the breaking point for some. 

      If you do find your anxiety is high strung and you're in need of a little extra you-time, here are some helpful practices we like to engage in. 

      • Step away from the internet for a set period of time.
      • Go for a walk, on the beach if you can but anywhere where you can remain socially distant is helpful for calming your mind.
      • Drink a glass of water or make a cup of tea.
      • Practice some simple breathing exercises.
      • Do your morning yoga flow––it doesn’t matter what time it is!
      • Call a friend––be sure to ask them if they have the mind-space to talk before you do!

      Thanks for joining us for our monthly Full Moon reading and join us next time! We hope you’re able to enjoy this spooky season and don’t miss our upcoming Halloween Tips!

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Full Moon Rising in Pisces

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Full Moon Rising in Pisces

      Last month we saw the New Moon enter into Leo and bring with it a whole bunch of energy! If you have been feeling that child-like energy about it’s been in part due to this. We can see a smooth transition into the full moon this month rising in Pisces on September 2nd.

      Yet again the Sun will be directly opposite the Moon so when you look for one, turn around and you’ll see the other as they continue their cosmic dance. As always this may help you analyze your close relationships and see what changes need to be made in order for them to be strong and lasting. 

      A common phrase in astrology is when planets are referred to as being sextile. This month the Full Moon is sextile Uranus which means they're positioned approximately sixty degrees apart. Though this is not quite as powerful as planets being trine to each other, it does bring harmony between the planets and creates room for positive growth. 


      Pay attention to Mars this week as it will square with Saturn and appear to slow down in orbit and move into retrograde. This is good news because Mars, the planet which represents all our fiery outrage and passion, will chill out for a minute and let us process what it is we might be so fired up about. It also gives us all a chance to listen to one another and hear the other side of a conversation we might have been too distracted to really pay attention to. It’s important to make that effort and hear what someone is saying so as to better understand how you can help make yourself heard in a positive and productive way. 

      On the 13th Mars, will come out of retrograde making it the perfect time to start in on your big project or the month. Hopefully, the conversations you’ve been having through the retrograde will allow you to choose more compassionate means in how you react with those who have differing opinions. 

      As always keep in mind what your spirit needs to maintain emotional wellness. We find it helps to take several minutes in the morning or evening to write down all the small things that caused even the smallest amount of stress. Once those moments are identified, work on a plan to see how you can remove that stressor from your life.

      Those of us at Mexicali Blues wish you the best and hope you’ll come back later this month for our interpretation of the New Moon on the 17th! And don’t miss our Labor Day Sale starting on Friday the 4th!

      Peace and love!

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: July Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: July Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

      The full moon rising in Capricorn on Sunday marks a partial lunar eclipse for our little world, which will be visible to the Americas and the Westernmost parts of Africa and Europe. While lunar eclipses are typically associated with revealing our shadow selves, an eclipse in the constellation Capricorn indicates a time for hope, happiness, and good fortune. It will also impact our ability to be more open-minded: remember that nothing is as it seems in the light of a lunar eclipse. 

      Like the last lunar eclipse we experienced, work-life balance will come into sharp focus. You may still be experiencing tension in this area—which wouldn’t be abnormal given the position of the stars! We hope you were able to heed our advice from last month, and took time to consider where your time and energy is best spent. Remember that self care is just as important right now to keep up your stamina, and taking time for yourself can help preserve your energy in the future. We highly recommend taking time to recharge before you burnout—for a quicker recovery.

      At Mexicali, we have found a bit of extra time to get important tasks done by reorganizing our priorities. We’ve even found more time to make room for important conversations with our amazing team and long-time customers who have expressed their appreciation for our new in-store policies! In times like these, the little moments of appreciation and reflection go a long way, and we are forever grateful for the support of our Mexicali community.

      This month’s lunar eclipse brings a few big cosmic players into the field. Mercury and Uranus are in the game, and will influence your communication for the better. Although Mercury is still in retrograde (which is generally perceived to have a negative impact on our communication), be comforted in knowing that this month’s planetary cycle won’t bring the same anxiety it usually does, in part due to the position of Uranus. Together, these two planets can influence powerful conversations meant to stimulate our psyche and help us tackle hard-to-learn truths. 

      You may also find that you are more open to having conversations with those previously considered a rival. If you find yourself in this position, remember that the universe is always on your side when it comes to personal growth, and that this lunar eclipse is prime time for resolving conflict and embracing new relationships.

      Don’t forget: kindness is key!