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      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: July Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: July Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

      The full moon rising in Capricorn on Sunday marks a partial lunar eclipse for our little world, which will be visible to the Americas and the Westernmost parts of Africa and Europe. While lunar eclipses are typically associated with revealing our shadow selves, an eclipse in the constellation Capricorn indicates a time for hope, happiness, and good fortune. It will also impact our ability to be more open-minded: remember that nothing is as it seems in the light of a lunar eclipse. 

      Like the last lunar eclipse we experienced, work-life balance will come into sharp focus. You may still be experiencing tension in this area—which wouldn’t be abnormal given the position of the stars! We hope you were able to heed our advice from last month, and took time to consider where your time and energy is best spent. Remember that self care is just as important right now to keep up your stamina, and taking time for yourself can help preserve your energy in the future. We highly recommend taking time to recharge before you burnout—for a quicker recovery.

      At Mexicali, we have found a bit of extra time to get important tasks done by reorganizing our priorities. We’ve even found more time to make room for important conversations with our amazing team and long-time customers who have expressed their appreciation for our new in-store policies! In times like these, the little moments of appreciation and reflection go a long way, and we are forever grateful for the support of our Mexicali community.

      This month’s lunar eclipse brings a few big cosmic players into the field. Mercury and Uranus are in the game, and will influence your communication for the better. Although Mercury is still in retrograde (which is generally perceived to have a negative impact on our communication), be comforted in knowing that this month’s planetary cycle won’t bring the same anxiety it usually does, in part due to the position of Uranus. Together, these two planets can influence powerful conversations meant to stimulate our psyche and help us tackle hard-to-learn truths. 

      You may also find that you are more open to having conversations with those previously considered a rival. If you find yourself in this position, remember that the universe is always on your side when it comes to personal growth, and that this lunar eclipse is prime time for resolving conflict and embracing new relationships.

      Don’t forget: kindness is key!



      The full moon this month rests in the constellation of Virgo. It is the first of three super moons in 2020 and is known in the Southern USA as the Worm Moon! This is due to the amount of earthworms present with the ground thawing. Of course, in Maine, it’s usually too early for us to start planting any seeds. In the Northern half of the US, we like to refer to the March full moon as the Sap Moon! It’s almost time to start tapping those trees to get that sweet sweet nectar. If you are looking for a good place to do this we love taking advantage of Maine Maple Sunday! Go to their site for a full list of farms taking part in this legendary super event!

      If you’re feeling an overwhelming urge to organize some of the chaos in your life, we are right there with you. With a full moon in Virgo, you’ve likely been dreaming up wild fantasies and need to kick back into reality. A little bit of Spring cleaning might be just what you need to get control of things again. 

      What is a SUPER MOON? It happens several times a year when the Moon’s orbit brings it closer to Earth. It becomes about 14% larger in our night sky and can up to 30% brighter. Why isn’t the Moon’s orbit a perfect circle? Because of gravity! It’s not only Earth’s gravity that has a hold on our lunar beauty. The sun and all the planets have a gravitational force pushing and pulling on the moon.

      If you’re lucky enough to watch the moon rise you will bear witness to the “moon illusion.” This is when the moon appears to be significantly bigger when it rises higher into our night sky. Scientists say that this has nothing to do with astronomy but instead on how our brains process these visual puzzles. Since the moon is closer to the horizon we can more easily compare the size of it to landmarks that are familiar to us. When it’s higher in the sky that distance and space make us think it is further away.

      Check back soon to learn more about our night sky.

      🌖 Artwork by Emma Lucille McCabe!

      Find Emma's work at and follow her @emmalucilleart on Facebook and Instagram





      Rising on the ninth of this month, the Full Moon of February is also known as the Snow, Storm, or Hunger Moon. Up here in Maine that will make sense to a lot of us but these names go back further than we may realize.

      The Native Americans of the North East referred to it by these names because of the harsh winters Maine is known for. Those storms would make it more difficult to hunt or gather food, thus naming it the Hunger Moon. It's no wonder we stock up our pantries before each storm. The timing of our recent and long awaited snow squall definitely has us looking at our star charts. 

      The Moon will be in Leo for the weekend and will provide ample energy and light, making it a great time act on instinct. But we warn you to be safe and take caution. There's an air of drama that tags along with this lunar phase which can lead to conflict. Use this energy as a catalyst to jump into new activities!

      With Venus rising in Pisces it is a good time to nourish your relationships. If there is tension now is the time to address it in a respectful and nurturing manner. The goal is to seek harmony and balance. 


      Here's what every sign needs to know for this month's Snow Moon:


      Aries- Venus is in your sign! Look for new relationships or take extra time to put extra love and attention into one you have. Don't be afraid to open up and jump in.


      Taurus- Be adventurous! Whether it’s in love or if you’re looking at a list of goals you haven’t acted on yet. This is YOUR time!


      Gemini- Recognition is coming for you! It’s clear that you’ve been working hard but don’t let it get to your head. Take time to settle in to your new routine and don’t splurge with your sudden success.


      Cancer- Take this opportunity to change things up! Don’t let yourself get stuck in the same routine you’ve been in. It’s important to be in control of what YOU want.


      Leo- If anyone can find guidance this month it’s you. Let the lunar energy guide you- listen to yourself and trust your instincts.


      Virgo- Break down those rigid walls and introduce new healthy habits! Change your workout routine or start that drawing class you’ve been wanting to try.


      Libra- Communication is key. Take those feelings of gratitude for your loved ones and let them know. This will help you feel more connected, even if there is distance.


      Scorpio- It’s time for hygge! Be comfortable and use this energy and power to accomplish your goals.


      Sagittarius- Does it feel like everything is in place? Use this to boost your confidence and take on a new opportunity.


      Capricorn- Your strong-headedness is definitely at the forefront and the energy might even feel overwhelming. Roll with it but be cautious of how you affect others.


      Aquarius- Don’t hold back because this is your time for fulfillment in your relationships. Find a friend in Leo- they will help you.


      Pisces- Don’t get carried away. Your season is almost here and that’s giving you an electric energy source. Use it wisely and invest in yourself and experiences over possessions.


      Remember to check back in for our next lunar interpretation for the approaching New Moon!


      🌕 Artwork by Emma Lucille McCabe! Follow her @emmalucilleart or find her work at 





      Happy Equinox! It’s a Super Full Moon in Libra tonight! Full Moons represent endings or culminations, and we are called to release something now. If there’s anything we’ve been re-viewing or re-evaluating during these Mercury Retrograde days, it’s the time to decide what we want to keep in our lives and what we don’t. Since this lunation is on the relationship axis of Aries-Libra polarity, it is likely that some of what comes up for us is going to be about the balance between meeting our personal needs and tending to those of someone else. Aries is self-assertive, courageous, and authentic. Libra is diplomatic, gracious, and compromising. Whether it’s with regard to a significant other, family, friends, or the way you spend your time, there is something to be learned now about how we internalize and/or address the conflict between the Aries and Libra ways of being. 

      Our relationship dynamics are a huge part of who we are, and we are called now to evaluate them in the context of how we want our lives to be. Which of our relationships lift us up, and which are draining? Are we meeting our relationship compatriots with confidence and integrity or are we being constantly triggered and regressing to immaturity in order to cope? What can we do to cultivate more of the former and address the latter? How would we like our relationships to be? Asking questions like these can yield some great insights under the light of the Full Moon, so we are invited to set aside the time to explore the answers by writing them down. We’re still in Mercury Retrograde, so we’re best served by re-assessing what we already have rather than trying to take on something new, although Uranus aspecting this Moon may bring surprising connections or events within our existing relationships. Try not to get to swept up in anything that comes suddenly, as the shape of it will likely change; focus on recognizing and analyzing patterns and history for the greatest positive change-making. 



      January 20th, 2019 brings us a Full Moon and total lunar eclipse in Leo! Squaring Uranus, the planet of upheaval, we may be feeling impulsive and moody especially when it comes to relationships. We are feeling prone to emotional outbursts and frustration with restrictions. This is not a good eclipse for making sudden changes.  Mercury is also square Uranus which makes mishaps in communication more likely, and ups the chances of receiving unexpected news. Uranus and Mercury’s paired influence may make life feel chaotic around you, like everything is moving and coming at you so fast that keeping up feels impossible. If you have the choice, avoid signing paperwork or reading through anything complicated where you need to have your eye on details; focus and concentration is probably a bit scattered at this time.

      What we thought we wanted in October-November may be very different today, and now is the time to check in and ask ourselves about that, and sit with whatever feelings this brings up. This could be kind of an uncomfortable transit, and we need to pay attention to the ways that we may be leaning into numbing out to make it easier. If we want to reap the biggest benefits from this powerful eclipse, we are best served by not indulging in whatever usually helps us numb ourselves (whether that’s drinking to excess, watching TV, texting exes who still flirt with you, or whatever your jam is to distract you from the discomfort you find in solitude). Creativity is heightened now, so you may be grounded and gratified by channeling your energies into an art project of some kind.

      Rather than focusing your attention on boldly stating your intentions, this lunation invites us to sit in stillness and listen for answers. Whatever shifts that come now are subtly felt now, but strong, and are taking us into a new cycle. Take a deep breath, be gentle with yourself, and stay flexible. <3



      The last Full Moon of 2018 is strong in her home of Cancer, sign of comfort, nourishment, and family.  How appropriate that this is also the holiday season, and we may find Cancerian themes like family dynamics and memories looming especially large. Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs, and we will definitely find our emotions are heightened. Be on guard for overreactions, especially when we feel threatened. The urge to employ defensiveness and passive aggression are likely to be high, but just try to remember that the moon is influencing these feelings and everyone is feeling a little extra tender. We’re all craving a feeling of safety, so look for gentle and caring ways to sooth yourself: get cozy, indulge in warm and comforting foods, take a luxurious bath, snuggle with someone you love, let go with a good cry.

      As this is the final Full Moon of the Year, this lunation will bring to light things that we will want to take with us into the new year and those we should leave behind. We will be feeling extra emotional and not super-rational, but our heightened gut-instinct powers will assist us in sussing out which relationships and environments make us feel good and which ones don’t. We may have heart-warming moments, and we may recognize how unsupportive other situations have been. If we discover unhealthy dynamics, we can leave those behind now. We are deeply connected to what we need, and find it easier to express ourselves in full truth (note: this is NOT what you say when you are angry, but what you say in calmness and integrity afterwards). This can lead to great growth within our relationships and in our attachment to them.

      Full Moons always create ending points, where we are guided to release something in order to journey forward into the new. This one is particularly powerful for concluding something because it takes place at Zero degrees Cancer, the exact point where this sign makes its transition from the last one into this. Zero degrees always marks initiation and change, and this will be the second of 5 Full Moons in a row all at the Zero degree point! There’s a lot of change coming, so take this opportunity to choose it consciously. A new year is almost upon us. Release any clinging to the ideas of what you have wanted to achieve in the past, and declare clearly what you aspire to NOW! <3