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      The Libra Full Moon rises on March 28th, 2021, the first moon in Aries Season and the marking of the first moon cycle of the astrological year! 

      The Influence of Libra on the Moon:

      The seventh astrological sign is known for being balanced and just. Those ruling under this sign are thought to be sociable beings and usually quite rational in the way they approach challenges or daily activities. Use this energy to see where balance can be restored in your life.

      Regardless of what your moon sign is, chances are you’ll feel the impact of Libra’s influence on our lunar beauty. You may find yourself eager to patch up old quarrels and extend the metaphorical olive branch. We caution anyone who feels the need to become a mediator between two opposing parties to do so with care. Stepping into someone else’s mess can sometimes cause more harm than good should you not be equipped with the right tools. Instead, take an introspective look at the areas within your direct control to see if balance can be restored. 


      What this moon means for Fire Signs; Leo, Aries, Sagittarius:

      This might be a moment where you can find it easier to see where the other side is coming from. You’re a great communicator, so if there is a discussion you’ve been longing to have, now is a great time to hold space for it. While not everyone is suited to be the peacemaker, your compassion and genuine kindness can be a great asset in these moments. 


      What this moon means for Earth Signs; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn:

      The recent time you’ve taken to dig deep for fulfillment is paying off. Now that you’ve come to understand your needs more clearly, see where you can take small moments to return the balance of work and play into your daily routine. Double check to make sure you’re within budget because giving too much time to either will leave you feeling drained both emotionally and financially. 


      What this moon means for Air Signs; Gemini, Libra, Aquarius:

      Your dreams and aspirations are close at hand and now is the moment to take charge of your own path. Make your needs known in both your personal and professional life. Gently show those who have overlooked your contributions that you won't be held back by their inability to see past their own egos. 


      What this moon means for Water Signs; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces:

      This moment is about family and spending time with those who matter most to you. Slow down and express your gratitude to the ones in your life who support your most fanciful dreams. Thank the ones who know to respect the boundaries you’ve given and show them this gesture does not go unnoticed.




      The Pisces New Moon rises on Saturday, the 13th of March. The last moon cycle of the winter season, this new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle.  It’s the perfect time to look back at what you’ve been able to accomplish, and set intentions for where you’d like to grow in this new twenty-eight day cycle!

      The Influence of Pisces on the Moon:

      The Moon represents our internal drives and characteristics while drawing out the unconscious tendencies of how we interact with the world around us. It is often thought to represent our emotional journey through the cosmos.

      There’s a stellium at play this month folks, so sit back and enjoy the ride. A stellium is when a group of powerful planets appears to cluster together from our perspective, which can be a rare occurrence in the cosmos since each planet is on a different trajectory around our sweet sun. Being aware of these groupings and knowing each planet’s relationship to one another can help us understand our own emotions and triggers. We know that this is a powerful time for us to embrace our soft and sensitive sides, indulge in our creative passions, and lead with love.

      Luckily, for the rest of the month we don’t have any planets entering retrograde which means it’s smooth sailing for a few more weeks. Pisces is surrounding our lunar goddess with emotive and spiritual vibes, giving us the power to lean into the softness and creativity of our inner beings. Mercury will enter Pisces just two days after the new moon on March 15th, which will help aid us in making up for the lack of communication skills we’ve been experiencing as of late.

      What this moon means for Fire Signs; Leo, Aries, Sagittarius:

      The focus and determination you put forth during the last cycle have helped guide you to where you need to be now. Dive deep into the pool of self-discovery to learn who you truly are meant to be without the burden of all the baggage you’ve been carrying. 

      What this moon means for Earth Signs; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn:

      It’s all about embracing your softer side so you can flourish in the company of someone new. Someone who sees the true value of your presence. This is your perfect moment to invest in meaningful connections and to let your guard down. If you have trust in your passions and it is sure to benefit more than just yourself.

      What this moon means for Air Signs; Gemini, Libra, Aquarius:

      You did the hard work last cycle to gear up for the manifestation of your next path and now you’re ready to set plans in motion. That doesn’t mean you should set aside the work you’ve been doing to improve your self-care, so don’t lose sight of your needs while gearing up for big change. Listen closely to the natural signs your body might be telling you. 

      What this moon means for Water Signs; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces:

      We’re not surprised that you’re doing a great job of going with the flow with everything this moon energy is giving you. Don’t stress about the smaller details of making everything work–it will all settle into place when the time is right. For now, focus on what brings you true joy.



      The lunar activities this month are full to the brim with excitement. We are lucky enough to experience two Full Moons in October, the second of which will be rising on Halloween night! But before we get that far ahead, let’s explore what tomorrow's lunar beauty has in store for us.

      The first Full Moon of October rises in the Aries constellation on October 1st. The other players in this cosmic dance have some influence over our behaviors as well. The Sun quincunx Uranus might have some of us feeling a little uneasy. Maybe switch to a lower caffeine tea this week instead of the usual cup of coffee in the morning. It might help if you find you’re unable to relax with the electrifying energy build up coming from the cosmos. 

      Don’t be afraid of change this month. As the artist, Sam Weiss, once said, “Change is not a force to be feared, but an opportunity to be seized!” 

      Whether your plans have changed without notice, or there’s a new person joining your team. It’s common to be anxious about these occurrences as you’re not sure how the new energy will affect your immediate environment. It is in these moments when your flexibility and open mindedness is crucial to help you and those within your support system to have a positive experience.

      If you find you’re inconsolably against the change that is coming, or have already altered your comfortable routine, take a step back and try to view your position from another’s perspective. You may find there are details you would have otherwise missed that help you see where you can still maintain your comfort.

      Remember that a rash reaction made without consideration to those around you could have damaging effects on your personal and professional relationships. Hopefully those in your life have the kindness and sight to see through such behavior, but don’t count on this––especially if you’re prone to such outbursts. We never know what will be the breaking point for some. 

      If you do find your anxiety is high strung and you're in need of a little extra you-time, here are some helpful practices we like to engage in. 

      • Step away from the internet for a set period of time.
      • Go for a walk, on the beach if you can but anywhere where you can remain socially distant is helpful for calming your mind.
      • Drink a glass of water or make a cup of tea.
      • Practice some simple breathing exercises.
      • Do your morning yoga flow––it doesn’t matter what time it is!
      • Call a friend––be sure to ask them if they have the mind-space to talk before you do!

      Thanks for joining us for our monthly Full Moon reading and join us next time! We hope you’re able to enjoy this spooky season and don’t miss our upcoming Halloween Tips!

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Full Moon Rising in Pisces

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Full Moon Rising in Pisces

      Last month we saw the New Moon enter into Leo and bring with it a whole bunch of energy! If you have been feeling that child-like energy about it’s been in part due to this. We can see a smooth transition into the full moon this month rising in Pisces on September 2nd.

      Yet again the Sun will be directly opposite the Moon so when you look for one, turn around and you’ll see the other as they continue their cosmic dance. As always this may help you analyze your close relationships and see what changes need to be made in order for them to be strong and lasting. 

      A common phrase in astrology is when planets are referred to as being sextile. This month the Full Moon is sextile Uranus which means they're positioned approximately sixty degrees apart. Though this is not quite as powerful as planets being trine to each other, it does bring harmony between the planets and creates room for positive growth. 


      Pay attention to Mars this week as it will square with Saturn and appear to slow down in orbit and move into retrograde. This is good news because Mars, the planet which represents all our fiery outrage and passion, will chill out for a minute and let us process what it is we might be so fired up about. It also gives us all a chance to listen to one another and hear the other side of a conversation we might have been too distracted to really pay attention to. It’s important to make that effort and hear what someone is saying so as to better understand how you can help make yourself heard in a positive and productive way. 

      On the 13th Mars, will come out of retrograde making it the perfect time to start in on your big project or the month. Hopefully, the conversations you’ve been having through the retrograde will allow you to choose more compassionate means in how you react with those who have differing opinions. 

      As always keep in mind what your spirit needs to maintain emotional wellness. We find it helps to take several minutes in the morning or evening to write down all the small things that caused even the smallest amount of stress. Once those moments are identified, work on a plan to see how you can remove that stressor from your life.

      Those of us at Mexicali Blues wish you the best and hope you’ll come back later this month for our interpretation of the New Moon on the 17th! And don’t miss our Labor Day Sale starting on Friday the 4th!

      Peace and love!

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: New Moon in Leo

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: New Moon in Leo


      When the Sun enters into the zodiac of Leo you know life is about to get a little heated. The features and characteristics of this fiery sign are only enhanced as our lunar beauty continues to orbit around us. But what happens when that light isn’t being reflected back at us in the night sky? As the New Moon approaches on the evening of the 18th, take note of your inner light and see how it glows while you’re surrounded by that darkness.

      This is the perfect time to do some soul searching and dive into the conversations or projects that you don’t normally have the mind space to grapple with. Now that the fog has cleared and some of the other looming tasks in your life are out of the way, you can clear up misunderstandings or reschedule the plans that were put on the back burner. Maybe there’s a project you’ve been wanting to start but never seem to have the right energy? This is the time to go for it!

      If you find you’re feeling more burnt out than you’d like during this lunar cycle then look to Mars. The red planet is extra active in our skies right now and you might even notice some increased anxiety. It’s most likely because you can finally see the broader picture and all the moving pieces don’t look so blurry now. See this as an opportunity to let this energy in and become a helpful rhythm. Let it influence you and reset you, giving you  a new balanced perspective.

      Consider setting aside some time this week to indulge in an activity at the same time every day to build a routine you can rely on. We suggest a mindful meditation moment or even a simple walk around your neighborhood. This can help as we transition into a new season and are required to experience what was once so normal in an entirely different way. 

      Remember that the Leo light is helping to support you in the absence of the moon’s glow and that this period is always an ideal time to recharge and prepare to start something new!