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      Bloodstone is a type of jasper renowned as a particularly powerful healing stone, relating to both the heart and root chakras. Meditating with this stone can stimulate the root chakra, which is the energy center that provides one’s sense of safety and security on this earth. It is said that this stone can actually absorb pain as it brings comfort, allowing one to step outside of their emotion and witness it as part of the balance of life. It is a very protective stone, helping one feel stronger in the face of adversity, and assists in restoring and rebuilding the mind and body after difficulties. Its vibration supports one’s powers for making decisions and developing the intuition, offering clarity and increasing confidence as the bearer moves forward either through adversity or while undertaking any project. While most gemstones are known to put out and increase positive energy, bloodstone has a unique ability to transform negative energy and assist the bearer in pushing through the toughest issues that arise. It amplifies positive assets, transmutes any negative energies coming in, and can help keep one balanced in even the most destabilizing situations.

      These pretty bloodstone pendants were found in our Newcastle store. Visit any of our stores for gorgeous gemstone jewelry like these and more! Check out what we’re rocking online for magical gemstone jewelry.